Sheer Power Jock Sock

ID : NDS-J-10729

Sheer Power Jock Sock. Are your looking for sheer and want to show it all off, but still have a bit of something holding it all together? Then this sheer mens pouch is the one you've been looking for. The sheer jock sock allows for support with under sack elastic, but no string in the thong in back. Hold to you via elastic waist band, then offers the simple sheer pouch that grabs on to you with a thin elastic band that runs underneath the pouch to help pull it underneath and hold it on (won't stay on during vigorous activity or course, but who needs it at that point). This one's a new one from NDS Wear, that is sure to turn some heads. It is a polyamide ( a man-made fiber, similar to nylon but softer than most) and spandex blend.

Very Sheer pouch, in 2 color and 3 sizes: White or Black in sizes: Small-Medium Large-XL & now 2XL (Additional $1 for 2XL sizes). Pick you favorite color and size combination and start showing off what you got!

Approx US Sizing: SMALL-MEDIUM 28"-33", LARGE-XL 34"-36" & XXL 37"-40".

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