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8 Interesting and Stunning Facts About Mens Underwear

November 20, 2018

You must be wondering every time why superheroes used to wear their underwear on the outside. While there were a number of theories proposed explaining that. One such funny theory was that most superheroes grew up without their parents at a very young age, thus they have no one to show them how to wear their underwear correctly. 

There is a range of undies available in the market like mens thong underwear, boxers, boxers briefs, jockstrap and many more! These underwears can be bought in various designs, sizes, shapes, and colors but the thing is that you should choose underwear that fits you perfectly and is breathable and suitable as well. 

Moreover, there are also some interesting and funny yet stunning facts about underwear that you might not know. 

Have a look… 

  • The worlds first underwear was made from leather loincloth. Scientists have found evidence that they were worn 7000 years ago. Leather drawers went out of fashion, once people realized that it produces immense sweat buildup and was no fun for the under-regions.

  • Going commando was the term used to refer wearing pants without underwear. Since soldiers tend to travel light while on duty, they are often caught in rainstorms. So, if the rain gets the underwear wet then it will irritate and chafe up against the skin. In order to avoid these many soldiers used to go to fields without underwears.

  • Briefs are more popular compared to boxers and studies show that 41% of men prefer to wear briefs while 27% used to wear boxers and the remaining ones wear different types of underwears.

  • The thong was invented in response to public nudity. The truth is that NYC’s mayor wanted to address the issue the nude dancers across the city before the World’s Fair that was held there in 1939. In order to this, his organization created the thong. Moreover, the dancers agreed to wear them because they could show their shapely bodies in them but the mayor was satisfied because their genitals weren’t exposed.

  • Did you know women spend more than men on underwears? During their life, women would spend more than $31,000 on the luxury compared to men who would just spend $2,000. This is because underwear for men is much cheaper than women.

  • Disney World used to made their employees wear communal underwear until 2001!

  • According to research, married men have known to change their underwear twice as much as single men. The reason for this should be that women are more particular about doing laundry.

  • According to many cultures, the color of your underwear you wear on your New Year’s Eve will help you in determining how your life will play out over the next year according to many cultures. While pink underwear translates to a successful year in terms of romance and a blue underwear corresponds to good health, and a red underwear is used for overall luck.

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