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Holiday Collection

The days leading up to the holidays always seem to fly by so quickly. If you're still struggling to check off boxes on your holiday gift list, consider taking a look at our collection of funny and themed holiday Christmas costumes, lingerie, and other underwear for men. You can select the perfect pair from many different styles, meaning you'll be ready to have a romantic Christmas filled with snuggles by the warm fire. Alternatively, if you're looking for something a bit more lighthearted, you can get some laughs when you bring the themed underwear to a gag gift party.

Gifts for the Holidays

Find all of the awesome men's Christmas underwear and clothing, holiday costumes, and gifts like the Ho, Ho, Ho Santa thong, as well as other Christmas lingerie for men. We have many different cool styles of Christmas boxers that come in great holiday styles and colors if you're looking for bold writing and designs or more subtle options.

Looking to make things fun and cheeky? Maybe the mistletoe g-string is the right choice for you. Another option is the snowman face boxers that are sure to get a laugh! Or if you're looking for subtle and classy options, the silk boxers in red or green can be a great choice for romantic nights during the cold winter months. Whatever style you need, we can provide you with high-quality men's Christmas underwear you'll love.

Our selection of holiday underwear is great for intimate moments, parties, holiday and Christmas gifts, or club wear. If you're looking to surprise someone special this holiday season, or you need a funny gift to bring as a gag to a party, you'll find a variety of options for every occasion.

Get your Christmas underwear early right here and match them up with some Christmas lingerie for her for a romantic holiday season. There are many styles in red and white to choose from and you could even add some of the holiday sexy costumes for women or men to add some excitement into your holiday season. Maybe a standard Santa Claus or the boxers with the Santa hat might be more of his style. Two elves are always cute together whether it’s for men or women. Keep warm this holiday season with your partner, snuggle up in some soft silk boxers or velvet shorts and have a cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace or the firelight DVD. Happy Holidays to all!
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