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Men's G-Strings

Shop for men's G-strings and string back thongs, men's posing straps, traditionally with elastic strap backs or string backs. Very sexy men's thongs. Men's underwear and swimwear fashion in these skimpy little styles for men. It is about the smallest and most revealing style there is for the adventurous male and comes in a wide variety of colors and prints. So if your thinking where can I find a g string for men, you found them.
They are also called posing straps by some brands like Male Power.
One of the smallest types of undergarments for men is the G-string, it is generally simply a pouch in the front and elastic only waist and elastic strap between the buttocks. There are a few variations that may include fabric covered elastic and they are all made with various fabric types including cotton, microfiber and blends like nylon and spandex together. You may choose from solid colors including red, blue, black and white which are standards or you may buy exotic tropical prints suitable for swim. We also feature select brands which are making see through fabric types of gstrings for men which we also call sheer or transparent. The fabrics vary from looser holes like a fishnet or tighter that might be considered tan through (or burn through if you are not careful!). Some of the sexy brands The top brands for men include NDS Wear (R), Male Power, LOBBO (R) and of course California Muscle brand for men. Some make great cover-ups in plays or other stage based events like the nude male g-string and others may be fun for a romantic night or to finish a sexy costume like animal prints including the ever popular cheetah and tiger prints.