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Shop Men's Thongs Online Now at ABCunderwear.com! We offer a vast selection of men's thongs, including top brands like NDS Wear, LOBBO, Calvin Klein, Neptio, Male Power, Gregg Homme, and more. With hundreds of styles to choose from, you'll want to bookmark this page and visit us again and again. We also have the best collection of male tongas for any occasion and style. Plus, we constantly update our inventory with new styles and fabrics, so you'll never run out of options. ABCunderwear.com is the ultimate authority on men's thong underwear and swimwear, as many of our items are exclusive to us. Don't miss out on the best selection of mens thongs on the internet. Shop now and find the perfect thong for yourself or as a romantic gift for someone special!

Thongs for men

Why Choose ABCunderwear.com for Your Thongs for men?

ABCunderwear.com has always carried great brands of male thongs like N2N, Calvin Klein, 2xist, Jocko, Greg Parry, Greg Homme thongsNDS Wear thongs, Neptio, LOBBO, Male Power mens thongs and others, but now that we have expanded, we proudly carry niche brands and exclusive styles, like the Brazilian style that is now available, for our customers as well. So whether you are looking for a male thong in microfiber, silk, cotton and cotton blends like cotton/spandex which helps give it some stretch, rayon, or spandex, the wide selection at ABCunderwear.com is sure to have it.

Male Thong Styles

For men who perform a strip tease act in bars, we offer the stripper style male thong. For those who just want to perform in their residence or backyard, a sheer men's thong may be just what you're looking for. If you want to buy a cheap g-string we've got those too. Let your husband or boyfriend try some for you and you both may be pleasantly surprised. A fishnet style can provide a revealing look, or one of the more erotic styles like the Male Power prolong thong can make for a very special night (features 2 unique elasticized holes for the bait and tackle and can really help prolong him in action.) The Apollo men's thong from NDS Wear brand is microfiber and features a unique web look fabric that is very attractive. It also has a wider back which helps keep it from riding up. If your man has not tried a men's thong yet, it might be a nice gift for him. They don't show bikini lines when worn under clothing so they can really show off your ... assets.

We offer many photos and try to keep sizing updated based on the actual fit of items. Visit us weekly for the latest and best around. Tell a friend, or even better, show a friend about our site! Have a website or blog? Post a link and show all of your followers where you shop for your guy thongs and other underwear needs. There is no need to shop anywhere else because you will find the best sexy thongs and stripper thongs for men that you can buy right here. Much of our selection is offered at discount prices so it is both easy and affordable to buy men's thong underwear online right here. Also, be sure to check out the clearance section for great sale items. Get fast shipping, great products and discount prices online on all our thongs for men. Don't forget to come back for Halloween and get something special for her or him or even a couples set. Tell a friend and pass the word to help us keep bringing you the latest and greatest from leather to cotton and everything in between. Some styles are made with a large pouch for men that want or need a little more room, others have a smaller pouch for just a little coverage or smaller sized men. Some of the newer more erotic types are little more than an enhancer or lifter type garment made with elastic or elastic and fabric. Basic colors are black and white but many prints are available including floral and flag prints or even personalization and customization is offered here.

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