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Womens Thongs & G-Strings

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A Woman’s Guide to Bottom-Baring Lingerie: Thongs and G-strings

The terms used to describe various styles of women’s thongs are often used interchangeably. While all thongs and g-strings are designed to provide comfort, avoid panty lines, and offer a hint of sexiness, they are completely different in style and the degree of nakedness that they deliver. Understanding the difference is important once you begin the task of buying thongs, especially if you have stylistic preferences in mind.


The traditional thong offers good coverage in the front, hiding the pubic area from view. Women’s thongs commonly feature triangular shapes in the front with a y-shaped strip of fabric that follows up the crack of a woman’s derrière and connects to the waistband.


The V-string style features a narrow v-shaped strip of fabric as the back waistband. It dips down toward the center of a woman’s buttocks and continues along the crack of a woman’s derrière. The front of the v-string is usually similar to that of a traditional thong, featuring a triangular shape.


The traditional womens g-string is tiny. It has often been referred to as butt floss, simply because it covers little besides the anus and the tiniest patch of the front genital area. The waistband is extremely narrow, featuring string-like strips of fabric.

Chip or Micro G-string

This style of g-string goes by several names including chip g-string, micro g-string, and micro chip g-string. It is the tiniest version available and features very little coverage anywhere. With a tiny, low-cut, triangular-shaped bit of cloth in the front, the narrowest of waistbands, and the smallest strip of fabric for the buttocks, the chip or micro g-string is designed to leave very little to the imagination.

Quick-release Thong

The quick release thong is styled after the traditional version, except that it features side clips or ties that enable quick exit.

SJ Thong

The SJ thong offers the same coverage of the traditional style with the exception of featuring slinky, narrow sides.


The Rio is as much a style of bikini panty as it is a thong. It features coverage for the front and back with as little material as possible. It is cut high on the sides. The Rio offers a good transition between full-cut panties and traditional thongs and g-string panties.

T-back Thong

The T-back thong provides full front coverage, while offering a g-string back or thin strip that does up along the crack of the derrière and joins with the wide strap that serves as the waistband, creating a t shape for the back of this style of panty.


The tanga is designed for a woman who likes sexy lingerie, but who prefers a bit of extra coverage for her derrière. It completely covers the woman’s frontal area and top half of her buttocks. The tanga has a small strip of fabric that connects the front portion of the panty with its upper back portion by following along the crack of a woman’s buttocks.