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A Woman’s Guide to Bras: Comfort Styles

The selection of a properly-fitted bra is important for those women who are looking for a comfortable fit, support or both. This is especially true when a woman is performing athletic or casual activities, nursing a newborn, or recovering from surgery. Lingerie manufacturers have recognized the need for comfortable bras that also provide a range of support. The following styles are the result.

Leisure Bras

Designed for comfort while providing gentle support, leisure bras gently cover the entirety of a woman’s breasts. They are generally fashioned from a stretchy material and designed with wider straps that have been styled to avoid cutting into a woman’s shoulders. Since leisure bras are designed primarily for comfort, they do not include boning of any kind. Leisure bras are designed for casual wear and can be worn during bedtime as well. Styles of leisure bras include wirefree, padded, and seamfree.

Maternity Bras

Intended to support a woman’s breasts as completely as possible while enabling the act of nursing an infant comfortably, maternity bras typically feature full cups, wide straps, and multiple eye-and-hook closures. Fitted with front panels (that open upward, downward, or to the side) or drop-cup slings that open downward, one-hand nursing clips, and adjustable closures, today’s maternity bras are designed for ease-of-use as well as functionality. Also known as nursing bras, maternity bras are available in the following styles: underwired, wirefree, strapless, seamfree, and padded.

Sleep Bras

Fashioned to provide subtle support, sleep bras gently cover a woman’s breasts. The sleep bra is typically fashioned from a stretchy material that holds a woman’s bosoms gently and comfortably. Offering only a hint of support, sleep bras are often intended for wear during sleep by women who have recently undergone some form of breast surgery. They can also be worn for casual wear by women who are looking for a comfortable bra with support. Styles of sleep bras typically include wirefree, seamfree, padded, and unpadded.

Sport Bras

Designed for wear during athletic activities, sport bras provide support for a woman’s breasts along with a comfortable fit. Typically fashioned from stretchy material, sports bras feature wide straps that assist in supporting the breasts without cutting into the shoulder or neck area. In many cases, the straps of a sports bra are padded to provide additional comfort. Styles of sports bras fall over a wide range that includes front closure, adjustable closure, no closure, wirefree, underwired, seamfree, and padded.

T-Shirt Bras

Fashioned to offer invisible support and incredible comfort, t-shirt bras cover a woman’s breasts comfortably with a relaxed fit that lifts and supports. The cups of t-shirt bras are designed to fit snugly in order to create the illusion that a bra is not being worn. This style of bra often includes under-the-bust openings with removable panels. T-shirt bras can be worn beneath any style of clothing, particularly close-fitting garments. The styling of t-shirt bras includes low-plunging, seamfree, wirefree, underwired, and padded.

Summary: Unlike the traditional bra that does not feature a great deal of comfort, the following styles of bras offer incredible comfort along with support: t-shirt bras, leisure bras, sports bras, sleep bras, and maternity bras. Each of these styles is designed with a specific purpose in mind. Which style of comfort bra meets your specific needs?