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Types of T-Shirts Every Man Should Have

November 30, 2023

For men, a set of jeans and t-shirts make the best pair. While tees are the best staple of a man’s casual wardrobe. Tees are not only comfortable and light but are trendy as well.

Usually, the best t-shirts for men are round neck t-shirts or collar t-shirts. However, as time has changed there are many styles of tees available in the market. Have a look at these tees that you should definitely have in your wardrobe.

V-Neck Tee

best t-shirts for men

As the name suggests, V-neck tees are a type of tees that are available in every men’s wardrobe. This type of tees provides a casual and formal look. V-neck tees will look great who wants to show off their abs and biceps.

Polo Tees

t-shirts for men

These tees are very versatile. Polo tees can be worn at golf, formal event, get-together, or while hanging out with friends. Men with a lean body frame can wear Polo tees to create an illusion of a fuller upper body.

Generally, this type of tees is known as a golf shirt or tennis shirt. These tees are in a form of a shirt with collar and typically 2-3 buttons with an optional pocket. Usually, Polo Tees are made of knitted cotton, a pique knit or an interlock knit.

Front Pocket Tees

Pocket tees come with a plain or printed small pocket over the left side of the t-shirts. While the pocket on the tee does not serve any purpose but it is just for style to add interest to a plain t-shirt.

Hooded Tees

Hooded t-shirts are well-known among fashion conscious men. Hooded tees are not only stylish and versatile as well but also adds just the right amount of edge to your off-duty look. You can wear these tees any time of the year as they can protect from heat, cold breeze and light drizzle.

Striped Tees

Striped tees are trendsetters in men’s wardrobe. Striped tees offer a preppy and classic look that suits every body type of men. While you can get a vertical or horizontal tee that can be worn with jeans or shorts for a night out, dinner, shopping or almost everywhere. Striped tees are also available in various designs like a crew neck, scoop neck, and V-necks.

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees definitely top the list of ‘must haves’ when it comes to fashion for men. These tees are incredible to wear and are versatile as well. You will find graphic tees featuring interesting fonts, slogans, bold prints, images or some stylish representations. These tees can be paired with almost everything. Whether it is jeans or shorts or boxers, these tees will offer you the best look.

However, there are many websites available on the internet which allows you to customize and design your t-shirt of your own. These customizable tees are great for promoting your cause, festival, sports, agency, or any other event.

Solid/Plain Tees

There are some men out there who prefer to wear clean, minimal look. For them, solid or plain t-shirts are the best option as they offer timeless design and never go out of style. Moreover, they are also easy to mix and match and can be worn at almost any occasion.

Crew Neck Tees

Crew neck tees are a great option for the guys with a small chest as the crew neck t-shirts make them appear broader and better proportioned. These tees are also the perfect example for casual and comfortable. You can wear a crew neck t-shirt under collared shirts for a casual look.

Basically, crew neck tees have a round neckline and no collar which is often worn with other layers. Just like best men’s thongs, this tee was developed as an undergarment for American football players from causing chafing.

U-Neck or Scoop Neck Tees

These type of shirts are for the people who want to show little or more skin. You can buy these type of tees in plain or printed ones.

Henley Tees 

Henley’s are basically a collarless version of polo tees with few buttons on the front. Henley tees have either short or long sleeves and are available in cotton, cotton-polyester or thermals.

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