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Mini Stars and Moon Sarong


Mini Stars and Moon Sarong. This stunning collection of stars and moons & sun on some sarong are a beauty. Stand out this summer with a unique look and style. Show off your stars and moons & some suns near the pool, beach, on vacation or cruise or just around the home. Unisex

Style: MO-ST-1191.

Size Approx. 45" x 15" (not counting tie straps that are approx. 22" on each side) fringe bottom.

Choose your favorite color (Print is not an option maybe several different print styles available)


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  • What is the sizing? Why are no dimensions listed? It's impossible to tell what these look like when folded up.

    Hello and thank you for your request, we will have someone add these dimensions for you, however we have added an image with a person to allow you to see what the fit would look like on a person, please see last inset image on the item. Here is a link again to that item: https://abcunderwear.com/products/mini-stars-and-moon-sarong?variant=7470531575860

  • Is this underwear? pattycake179@yahoo.com

    this is a sarong wrap used  to cover yourself around home, vacation, beach, etc. This is not underwear, it wraps around your body.

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