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Board Shorts & Swim Trunks

Did you know that today's men now have a wider variety of swim shorts options than ever before? No longer are trendsetting cuts and styles for swimwear limited to women's fashion alone. If you're looking for high-quality men's swimwear at an affordable price, check out our top brands of swim shorts and swim trunks!

Board Shorts

Board shorts are the ideal swimwear for anyone looking to stay active while out in the sun. Designed to stay up on your waist while you enjoy high-performance activities in the water, board shorts have a lace tie on the waist that provides extra security. Board shorts are some of the most desired swimsuits for anyone looking for balance in support and function. Are you looking for a new pair of board shorts that are patriotic and fun? We now offer American Board Shorts that are perfect for your needs.  

Swim Trunks

Compared to board shorts, swim trunks are generally worn for leisure activities in the sun. If you're looking to relax by the pool or enjoy the sun at the beach; these are the desired men's swim shorts for you.

Top Brands at Great Prices

We carry brands that you love at unbeatable prices! Our male board shorts and swim trunks are made of flexible and high quality material that provides comfort, support, and style for a relaxing day at the beach or some fun in the sun. Our men's swim shorts come in a variety of styles for all different ages. 

ABCunderwear offers a variety of fashion-forward board shorts and men's swim trunks that are designed for comfort and style. This is the perfect opportunity to express yourself in your swimwear by choosing high-quality brands at significantly reduced prices. Check out our wide selection of men's swimsuits today to find the hottest outdoor outfit to fit your style and needs!