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Midcut Swimsuits

Though swimsuits might be the least amount of clothes you normally wear in public, it doesn't mean you can't showcase a lot of personality and style in your outfit. If you're looking for high-quality swimsuits from some of the top swimwear brands, we have you covered with affordable options so you'll be ready to hit the beach in style. 

Our men's square cut swim trunks are available in many different styles, colors, prints, and fits, so no matter your preferences, you'll find a swimsuit that you can feel confident and comfortable wearing. Since you might only be wearing one garment to show your personality at the pool or the beach, we've made sure to include plenty of styles and fits to suit a variety of different tastes.

We also carry many other types of swimsuits besides men's square cut swim trunks, such as thongs, bikinis, board shorts, and trunks. If you decide the midcut swimsuit just isn't for you, there are many other types of swimwear to choose from. Check out our new arrivals for all of the latest options we have available store-wide.


Men's square cut swimwear is perfect for those that want a little more coverage in their swimsuit than speedos, but also want something more form-fitting than baggy trunks. A square cut men's swimsuit typically has more coverage near the top of the legs, which gives it a square-cut look. This type of swimwear is the sweet middle ground between bulky trunks and skin-baring speedos and thongs.

If you're not quite sure about wearing one of our skimpier swimsuit options but you still want to retain some shape, the midcut style will work well to fit your preferences as it will hug your body. The square cut design is sure to turn heads thanks to its modern and flattering style, so you can stay comfortable and confident while you do some swimming or lounging at the pool.