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Knits vs Woven

Knits vs. Wovens – Choosing the Right Fabric for You

When considering your options of underwear choices: Knits vs woven, there is an unbelievably large variety currently available in the marketplace. From boxers to thongs and everything in between, the number one priority most men have when selecting their skivvies is their comfort. When considering your comfort, fabric choices should be your top priority.

When looking at your underwear from the fabric choice angle, it may seem like there are hundreds, if not thousands, of options out there. Underwear can be made out of natural or synthetic fabrics, but what many men do not realize, however, is that what matters most in terms of fabric comfort level is whether the fabric is knit or woven.

Woven fabrics are, as the name implies, woven. Threads of a given fiber, natural or synthetic, are woven on a mechanical loom. Because woven fabrics essentially exist on a flat plane, they have a lot of inherent structure. Some men may find woven fabrics to be uncomfortable because it can be stiff or even a little bit scratchy. Not all woven fabrics are scratchy, however. The “scratch factor,” if you will, for woven fabrics is determined by the thread count of a given fabric. The thread count of a fabric is determined by how many individual threads can be found in a square inch of the fabric. The higher the thread count, the smoother and softer the fabric.

Because woven fabrics have such a great inherent structure, they are the ideal choice for underwear that relies on structure to maintain its shape and supportive capabilities. Boxers, for example, have traditionally been made from any number of woven fabrics. Woven boxers lie flat underneath pants, which ensures that the wearer has a smooth silhouette when wearing dress slacks. On the other hand, woven fabrics are not the ideal choice for some of the other, more daring options for underwear. For example, a man might find a woven thong to be uncomfortable since the structure of woven fabrics would render the thong incapable of properly cradling all of their most sensitive parts.

Knit fabrics are made when threads are knit together to form fabric. Knitting a fabric essentially means creating a long chain of knots that zigzags until the fabric is formed. As a result, knit fabrics do not have the same structural integrity of woven fabrics. Knit fabrics also tend to have more stretch capabilities than woven fabrics. Subsequently, knit fabrics are an ideal choice for clingier, more daring underwear styles. Most men find knit bikinis and thongs to be incredibly comfortable and even knit boxers can feel extremely luxurious.

Obviously, when it comes to underwear, comfort is your top priority. Beyond selecting your preferred cuts and styles, selecting the right fabric is the number one thing you can do to maximize the comfort of your underwear. Knit and woven fabrics each have their positives and negatives and you should definitely try on multiple pairs in both fabrics to determine which of the fabric types you like the best whether it be knit or woven.