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Rainbow Sherbert Clip Thong for Men

ID : NDS-J-5026-U265

Rainbow Sherbert Men's Clip Thong, sexy men's thong clips all the way down. A rainbow swirl of colors. Jacquard fabric. Thong clips may be undone as far as you like, all the way to the bottom of the thong. Small metal clips. By NDS WEAR ?« 70% MicroPoly, 25% Poly, 5% dgnl. NDS-J-5026-U265

Another ABCunderwear.com exclusive!

Sizing in inches: Small 28"-30, Medium 31"-33", Large 34"-36", XL 37"-39", XXL 40"-42" (add $2 for XXL and XXXL)

Sizing In centimeters: Small 66-74, Medium 75-81, Large 82-88, XL 89-97, XXL 98-105


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  • Are they lined up front?

    This item is not lined.

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