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December 15, 2022

Are you struggling to put together the perfect holiday party this season? Instead of throwing another ugly sweater party like in years past, we recommend turning up the heat and throwing a sexy holiday costume party! Throwing a sexy holiday party where you and your guests wear sexy holiday costumes and holiday underwear is a great way to make your party stand out against the competition. 

Sexy Holiday Costumes and Underwear

Why should Halloween have all the fun? The holidays offer a wide variety of ideas to make costumes that are guaranteed to make some sexy costumes. Not sure what to wear to your sexy holiday party? Here are some recommendations for men's holiday underwear that are perfect for spicing up your holiday party this season!

Sexy Santa

When getting ready for the holidays, Santa is the perfect icon to dress up as. His red and white trimmed outfit is so easily recognizable that even when you're only wearing a pair of hot holiday underwear, you'll be a guaranteed hit.

Sexy Elf

Are you wanting to find a costume set that is a little less mainstream for your holiday party than Santa? We recommend dressing up as Santa's little helper! Just as iconic as old Saint Nicholas himself, a sexy elf is a great twist on a costume for the holiday season. There are so many ways to tinker with this hot costume, so don't be afraid to experiment with bells or lights.

Sexy Christmas Mistletoe Boxer Briefs 

With you wearing a sexy Christmas costume, the mistletoe won't be the only tree getting action at your party. Decorating the Christmas tree is a timeless classic for the holiday season. Why not make it a fun game to see who can pin the ornament on your tree?

Sexy Present Boxers

Are you still looking for the perfect sexy costume? This one might toe the line between the naughty and nice list, but we recommend finding a pair of holiday underwear and adding a present bow. Showing off your body in a hot pair of boxers decorated with a bow is a great way to remind the world that you're a gift. Imagine how fun it'll be to unwrap this present!

Games and Prizes

Are you worried your guests won't want to dress up out of fear of being embarrassed? Including a prize for any participants is a great way to make your party even more inclusive. Rewarding your party guests for dressing up is a great way to create competition, which will inspire people to dress up in hot and creative ways.

Photo Booth

Commemorate your holiday party by renting a photo booth for you and your guests to take pictures together in! In an age where the majority of people have access to a camera on their cell phone, a photo booth is a fun twist to create more engagement with your guests. Photo booths are a great way to bring people together, and that's what the holidays are all about. Plus, imagine how fun your Christmas card will turn out this year.

A sexy costume party is a perfect opportunity to turn up the heat for the holiday season! Having you and your guests dress up in sexy costumes is a great way to make your party less stuffy. The holiday season is all about bringing people together. Throw a sexy holiday party to celebrate the holidays with the people you care about this year. The weather outside is cold, so why not turn up the heat with some of the costumes we recommended to you today?

If any of our costumes inspired you, check us out here for more information!

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