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January 31, 2023

Customized underwear is a fun and unique present that you and your partner are sure to love. As we age, it gets more exciting to get clothing as presents, and getting something special from our loved one makes that present even better. Plus, getting something that's customized makes it even better! It shows that your partner went out of their way to do something special and unique to just the two of you. 

Trying to decide what you should add to those customized boxers or other underwear is the hard part, though. With an endless list of what you can choose, how are you supposed to narrow it down to what would be the best decision for you and your partner? 

If you want to purchase custom men's underwear or customizable women's underwear, here are some ideas to help you get started:

Use an Inside Joke

When placing an order for customized boxers or other underwear, you shouldn't automatically assume that the phrasing or image on the boxers has to be sexy. Not that you can't choose something sexy to add to the underwear, but you shouldn't feel locked into doing so. 

Instead, think of a funny inside joke you share with your partner. Was there something hilarious that occurred when you were having an intimate time together? Is there a joke you always tell each other when things start getting a bit spicy? Is there a funny quote or a line from a movie that makes you crack up every time?

If so, consider using one of these jokes on your partner's customized boxers or underwear. Imagine their face when they open up this gift and find that you've created customizable boxer shorts with an inside joke. They'll find it hilarious, and it will definitely be a gift to remember!

Decorate Using a Photo

What is more entertaining than making customizable women's underwear or customized boxers with your face on them? Giving your partner a gift of underwear with your - or their - face on it would be a hysterical gift that they'll find hard to beat. 

Not only is it an overall silly idea, but it can also become a new private joke for you to share with your partner. Imagine heading out for a night on the town, knowing you're wearing underwear with your partner's face on it. It can be a private joke between the two of you for the whole night - and maybe it can be a running joke for nights out in the future!

Memes Make Everything Funnier

If you're gung-ho about making your partner laugh, then adding a picture of a meme to your customized underwear is sure to be a hoot. The best part about memes is that you can customize them to suit your specific sense of humor, so no matter what you choose, it will be hilarious for both you and your partner. All you need to do is decide what meme you think is the most appropriate (or inappropriate). Add that to your customized order, and your partner will love it!

Sexy Sayings

This suggestion may seem like a cop-out, but it's one that you may not have considered! When you're creating custom men's underwear or custom women's underwear, adding a sexy saying to the gift for your loved one is always a good idea. This is especially true if you're planning to give them as a "just because" gift or a Valentine's Day gift. 

Pair the customizable boxer shorts or women's underwear with other romantic gifts, like flowers, chocolates, date night plans, or more. After all, making your partner feel special is always the most important thing!

Use a Picture of Your Pet

Picture this: you're planning to get intimate with your partner when you realize… there's a picture of your beloved pet dog on your underwear! It's sure to bring out a fit of giggles on both ends. In addition, it's a funny keepsake of your pet, solidifying your status as an over-the-top pet parent. 

Funny Phrases or Witty Sayings

Adding a funny phrase or a witty saying to a pair of personalized underwear will immediately make that pair of underwear your partner's favorite. This phrase doesn't have to be an inside joke or a meme; it can just be something silly you saw or even a dirty joke.

Plenty of different novelty underwear companies make underwear with silly phrases, but why not create personalized underwear with phrases you know your partner will find hilarious? When you design something with your partner's sense of humor in mind, they're sure to cherish the gift, even if it is a pair of silly underwear. 

Property of…

If you're interested in doing something sexier for your partner to add to customized underwear, then adding your and your partner's names onto the underwear is a good start! Creating personalized underwear that says "Property of…" or just has your partner's name is a great way to be suggestive in a more subtle way. Plus, many couples find it exciting knowing that their partner is wearing an article of clothing with their name on it. 

ABC Underwear

If you're in the market for customizable boxer shorts, customizable women's underwear, or a different type of undergarments, then ABC Underwear has what you need. We offer both custom men's underwear and customizable women's underwear for partners of all genders. 

ABC Underwearalso offers several different styles of underwear. If you're looking for different men's styles, we offer customized boxers, briefs, and thongs, among other underwear styles. For women's underwear styles, we provide bikini cuts, thongs, boy shorts, and a couple of other women's styles. 

ABC Underwear can give you a memorable gift, no matter what you want to add or what kind of style you want. Check out our personalized selections today!

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