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NDS Wear C-Ring & Enhancers

Shop NDS Wear C-Ring & Enhancers for Bigger Pouch and Enhanced Look. Discover our collection of NDS Wear C-Rings and Enhancers designed to give your package a more impressive appearance. Whether you're new to using a c-ring or familiar with its benefits, our selection offers both elastic and tie options that wrap around the genitalia, allowing for a noticeable push up effect. Plus, some of our designs are backless, focusing solely on supporting the front pouch with the C-ring snap attachment. These accessories not only enhance your size but are also perfect for adding excitement to foreplay and prolonging arousal. Choose from adjustable or stretchable pieces for personalized comfort. Take the plunge and try one today; we guarantee you'll be delighted with the results. Shop now and elevate your intimate experiences with NDS Wear C-Ring & Enhancers.