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Hanes Men's Underwear

Hanes men's underwear is one of America's top selling brands. Hanes mens briefs, tank tops and men's boxers have been a staple for many men for years. Hanes Big Men's briefs for the big man in your life, Hanes big men's underwear like white brief underwear for men from 2XL, comes in many sizes, currently up to 3XL or 4XL big men's boxers. Socks and underwear for men or women. More styles coming soon to ABCunderwear.com
Hanes is a brand of more than $4.5 billion (with a B) at retail in the United States. They offer innerwear (underwear) and outerwear for men, women and children. Hanes is one of the top apparel brands and is part of 88% of American Households according to the NPD Group (2011). They have 94% brand awareness (meaning that people know the name and brand). The get strong equity scores on measures including value, comfort, preference, fit and quality.

They have classic commercials featuring top celebrities and sporting figures throughout the year and offer multi-packs which is another way they help you save money. They have been known to change their style numbers and styles regularly so if you find a favorite one year you may not be able to find it again under the same style number. Fabrics may also change with the new style numbers.