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Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos. Awesome look! Body art without the pain of a real tattoo. Temporary Tattoos are easy to put and and easy to remove, they last a long time with proper care. Use them on your wrist, arm-band, shoulder, belly button, belly, thigh, back or legs, just about anywhere (No not apply to sensitive skin or near eyes). Choose from a large selection of: Dragon Tattoos, Glitter tattoos, Panther, Tribal Cross, Biker Tattoos, Tribal temporary tattoos and more! Some some with several temporary tattoos so you can choose a different one every week, or put them all on, some come single and are much large for those large areas or arms or back! Creates an illusion that you are tough and wild with any of these awesome temporary tattoos. Unisex for men or women

Lasts up to 5-7 days with care, shower with them, safe, non-toxic, FDA certified. Limited to stock on hand for each style.