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3G Clothing, 3G Actualwear men's underwear, swimwear, clubwear by 3G of Canada (the Gregg Homme family)
Founded in 2007, 3G ACTUALWEAR is a Canadian brand of fashionable underwear and swimwear with a twist of active wear. Design is a fundamental element in the 3G ACTUALWEAR values, aiming to meet the perfect balance between comfort, quality and innovation: with the use of the most performing materials and the latest technologies, 3G ACTUALWEAR brings to men the perfect equilibrium between functionality and aesthetics. At 3G ACTUALWEAR, the design goes beyond the look : the collections are conceived to inspire men and to be understood instinctively: enhancing and flattering the contours of men’s body to create the perfect fit is 3G ACTUALWEAR main goal, which leads to ultimately bring the beauty of the individual into focus. Founded by the partners of Gregg Homme Underwear

3G ACTUALWEAR is committed to providing men the fit and comfort they want: being fully aware that every man is different when it comes to his level of comfort with underwear and swimwear, 3G ACTUALWEAR pays a particular attention to exceptional quality, flattering fit and unique designs; essentially merging “one of a kind” fit with style to have men look and feel comfortable all day. Someone once said: "It is so easy to be trendy but it is very difficult to be outstanding!”. Not anymore, thanks to 3G ACTUALWEAR.