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Sexy Playa Men's Bikini Swimwear By Neptio Men's Swimsuit

ID : NPT-SW303

Neptio Playa Men's Sexy Bikini Swimwear, swimsuit for men. You guys asked for it and we said Yes!, By popular request same cut as our famous Flag Stars & Strips Bikini, but now in lots of solid colors like: Black, Red, White, Yellow, Purple, Silver-Grey, Sexy-Pink and Azure-Blue. You all said you loved that style but wanted an everyday swimsuit that can be used without a print. 95% of you asked for this Bikini Swimwear Cut and we are bringing it right to you. Playa (Beach) Swim.

Playa Bikini Swim by Neptio features: Lined pouch front, drawstring for fit and a very soft and touchable fabric for comfort and style. Super Sexy and stylish for the men and guys of today. NOTE: (White option can be almost see thru when wet)

Style NPT-SW303
Guys this is the bikini you've been searching for! This soft and snug bikini will have everyone noticing you for the style and sexiness you deserve. Be ready for the beach or pool, always looking your best.

Made from 82% nylon, 18% elastan.
Sizing in inches approx: Small 27"-30", Medium 31"-33", Large 34"-36", XL 37-39", 2XL 40-42" (add $2 for 2XL)

Sizing In centimeters approx: Small 64-74, Medium 75-81, Large 82-88, XL 89-97, 2XL 101-106




Ask a Question
  • In the photo, the purple suit seems to be more a blue shade than purple. Please clarify

    Hello, each size you selected look for the color options, example If you select Small for size and then the color "Purple" that color image will populate and come up for you to see, if you do not see the Color options for the size selected then that color is NOT available in that size.
    The only Blue color we offer in this is called in the options "Azure-Blue"
    If you so not see the purple in your size, you can advise us the size and we can check to see if we are getting it back in  stock. Thank you

  • what is your return policy if I order and do not like the suit or not fit? thanks

    The current return policy would be listed here:

  • Any chance of getting these in assorted prints in the future? I love the flag & colored print but my boyfriend thinks I would be even more of a STUD in print! In the meantime I will wear the others solid colors until you do! He is ordering some for himself,!

    We will pass the request to purchasing. It would not be in the near future, but thanks for the request!

  • Are they planning on making a string bikini version? I love tanning with them but I think it would be really nice to have a skinnier sides so there’s not a big tan line. But keep the front and back cuz I’m not a fan on g strings/ thongs but something that Keeps my back end covered and supports my cock and balls. Other then that it’s a great product.

    Thanks Dan! We don't have plans to add a string bikini version but will keep your feedback in mind.

  • Will I get the ladies attention at the pool or beach if I wear this sexy pink or yellow red purple white playa men’s swim bikini swimwear by neptio?

    people really love this style and mention that they do get alot of attention in it.

  • Hi. I just bought this item. I cant wait to try it on. My question is I have big balls and I hope they will fit ok. What do you think?

    We have not had any issues with this, as you may noticed the model for this is also very large in both areas and fits perfectly inside the swimsuit. Thank you

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