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Swimsuits by Style

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Find Your Perfect Swimsuit Style at ABCunderwear.com At ABCunderwear.com, we offer a wide range of men's swimsuits by style, allowing you to choose your favorite swimwear or try something new. From traditional bathing suits to more daring and revealing options, we have a huge selection for any season. Whether you're planning a vacation or a cruise, make sure to bring several swimsuits so you can change your look each day or throughout the day. Discover the perfect swimsuit to suit your style and enhance your physique. Our squarecut and midcut swimsuits provide great coverage while offering a form-fitting design and high-quality fabrics. For a striking look, our Men's Olympia Square Cut Trunk in red and white is a great choice, featuring a drawstring waistband and lined mesh front. If you want to stand out, our Gregg Homme Jab Swimwear Short is a must-have with its sexy lace-up crotch and bold color options. In addition to squarecut and midcut swimsuits, we also offer a variety of bikini swimwear options. From our American Flag Stars & Stripes Swim Bikini to our Jocko Chunk Swimsuit, you can find the perfect blend of style and comfort. If you prefer to let it all hang out, our men’s thong swimwear collection is sure to impress. Explore our Hot Snake Men’s Thong Swimsuit or the Sauvage Suede Thong for a bold and inviting look. At ABCunderwear.com, we believe that men's swimwear should be just as fashionable and varied as women's swimwear. That's why we offer a wide range of styles from leading fashion brands such as 3G, Gregg Homme, NDS Wear, Sauvage, and Speedo. Whether you're hitting the pool, the beach, or a cruise ship, make a statement with a swimsuit that complements your body and takes your swimming experience to the next level. Shop our diverse selection of swimsuits today and find the perfect style for you. Don't settle for ordinary swimwear when you can make a bold fashion statement. Visit ABCunderwear.com now and discover the swimwear that suits your style and attitude. Dive into our collection and redefine your poolside look!
Whether you prefer to swim in board shorts or trunks or a bikini swimsuit or thong swimsuit, ABCunderwear.com has got a wide variety of swimsuits to meet your needs. We carry high quality swimsuits from 3G, Gregg Homme, NDS Wear, Sauvage, Speedo and more.

Our men’s squarecut and midcut swimsuits offer great coverage yet enhance your physique with their form-fitting styles and fabrics. If you like bright colors and a stylish look, our red and white Men’s Olympia Square Cut Trunk (available in small, medium, large and XL) is a great choice that will garner you attention in and out of the water. Made from a polyamide/spandex blend of fabrics, the front of this athletic looking swimsuit is lined with mesh, and it has a drawstring waistband. And if you’re looking to really stand out, our form fitting Gregg Homme Jab Swimwear Short (available in extra small, small, medium, large and XL) will have people taking a second, third and fourth look at you. With a sexy, masculine lace-up crotch, this swimsuit stands out with its striking color scheme—white/black, red/black, or blue/black.

If you prefer bikini swimwear, we’ve got great selections to choose from. Our American Flag Stars & Stripes Swim Bikini (available in small, medium, large, XL, and XXL) is a popular favorite, with stars and stripes in all the right places. Made from soft material, this snug fitting swimsuit has a lined front pouch. For something more casual yet still stylish, our Jocko Chunk Swimsuit (available in small, medium, large, and XL) is a great buy. This two tone men’s bikini swimwear with a pouch front comes in complementary color blocks: black/white, navy/yellow, slate/lime, and royal/orange.

And for you men who like to let as much hang out as possible, we’ve got men’s thong swimwear in many colors and prints. Our Hot Snake Men’s Thong Swimsuit (available in small, medium, large and XL) will have people slithering up to you to check out the pink snake print. Unlined and with a drawstring waist, this thong swimwear can also double as underwear. If you’re looking for a thong swimsuit with style, you will love our chocolate or red soft Sauvage Suede Thong (available in small, medium, large and XL). This 80% Nylon and 20% Lycra swimsuit offers a suede leather look that looks inviting to the touch.

Today, men’s swimwear is just as varied and popular and women’s swimwear. Why not look your best at the pool, on the beach or on a cruise ship in a swimsuit that complements your body and takes the swimming experience beyond just swimming.

Styles of Men's Swimwear

Talking of swimwear, most of the people happily presume it to be a domain of women with men having limited or no fashionable options in wearing apparel designed for swimming. Today, leading fashion brands such as Ed Hardy, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein make an eye-catching swimwear which is not only trendy but also have an attitude to go with it. Given below is a list of sorts on various types of stylish men’s swimwear. Speedo: Do not get confused as the same name happens to be a brand name (Registered trademark). Women love to see men in Speedos as it outlines the shape of their body immensely. These are tight fighting swimming gears for men. Often they are made up of a material which is elastic is nature and is best suited on a man who is fit and athletic in his body type. Long knee length versions of the Speedos brand are often called jammers.

Boxers: For men who are a tad conservative in showing off what they have got, boxers are the best. This type of swimwear for men is available in different length but mostly, one can see men sporting the swimwear that reach their mid thigh. Extremely comfortable and available in a variety of designs such as Hawaiian or in solid colors, boxers are one size fit all kind of clothing. This is because adjustments can be done in it according to the size of the waist. Square Cut Shorts: This kind of swimwear is a slight mix of the above mentioned types of men’s swimwear as they are fitted like a Speedo but are also accommodating like the boxers. The square cut shorts have a small benefit as it tends to accentuate a man’s posterior or simply the butt region. The length varies from mid thigh to small cut short depending on your choice.

Tan Thru Swimsuit Shorts: An altogether new innovation and indeed a helpful one for all those men who want to get a nice tanned lower body but do not want to expose their skin to the harsh sunrays. These tan thru swimwear for men are made from special fabric that has pores in them. This allows the sun rays to pass through them and thus provides a beautiful tan all over a man.

Thong: Thongs can be easily voted as the sexiest piece of swimwear ever designed for men. This is a swimming costume for men that hide only the most essential part of a man. It is for all those men who dare to flaunt what they have got. There are many styles that you can get in them including the ones with front or side zippers.

Board Shorts: The most popular of all kinds of men’s swimwear is the Board shorts or the surfer’s trunks. This is because they are comfortable to wear and have pockets in them. They provide the best comfort and support to men’s organs. Thus, enjoy a wide variety of stylish men’s swimwear from our online store ABC Underwear.