Asian Print Tie Pant


Asian Print Tie Pant, unisex Asian tie pant with Asian print on the side. Wealth, success and happiness. One size fits most or Big/XL is 4 more inches across when open. 100% Rayon (print may vary, maybe bamboo print depending on availability. Print colors Black and red as pictures with White Tie pant) The Big size generally fits 38" waist potentially up to 55" waist (the fabric front and back panels are 30" across total, 60 inches combined, 39" outside length on the big. These pants have a lower crotch, inseam From Top of pant(waist) to bottom of pant is 42", From top of pant to crotch inseam is 13" and from inseam to bottom(floor) 29".

Ties around waist in front and in back to complete the pants, you can choose to have the front tie visible or reverse it and make the back side ties visible and front not. Your choice, play around with it and see which one you like best

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