NDS Wear Caribbean Jockstrap for Men 3-Pack

Ready boys to Expose yourself!… Our Newest and hottest Jockstrap for men, Super Sexy and SO HOT!!! Made from one of the softest and touchable fabrics Viscose a a silk substitute, that is so beautiful to wear and feel, a luxury material. Comfortable and stylish all in One.

This is a 3pk will keep you stocked up and save big at the same time. You all asked for multiple packs to save and we got them for you all!

Caribbean Jock is seen and worn all overseas and becoming popular in the USA due to its fabric, touch, feel and support. Great for Gyms, runs, athletes and many more!

it's perfect attire for working up the sweat of a lifetime! So, are you ready to get all sexed up? You know what to wear and where to find it! www.abcunderwear.com  we re always thinking of our customers and what to bring them next and how to save big.

Fabric: 95% Vicose and 5% Spandex

Colors in 3 Pack are: Blue, Black and Navy

Style: NDS-760-3PK


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