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BLOWOUT SALE! Sale: NDS Wear Men's Cotton Mesh G-string in Red

ID : NDS-WF-601-Red

High-Quality cotton mesh gives this underwear a uniquely comfortable and sexy feel, fit, and appearance. The holes in the mesh allow for a breathable experience, while the cotton wicks away moisture, and the enhancing pouch lifts the genetalia away from the legs.

This trifectra allows you to stay cool and comfortable all day long, all while having the sex appeal of a bulge-enhancing, slightly-see-through design, making you ready to wow your lover in the bedroom.

You'll definitely be ready for anything with this sexy, athletic underwear for men! Sizing approx in inches: Small 28"-30", Medium 31"-33", Large 34"-36", XL 37"-44", XXL 45"-52" (add $2 USD for sizes XXL)

*Note: Available in other color options as well, simply search or click here to see them all:NDS-WF-601


  • High-Quality cotton mesh: Provides a uniquely comfortable and sexy feel.
  • Breathable experience: The holes in the mesh allow for optimal airflow.
  • Moisture-wicking cotton: Keeps you dry and comfortable all day long.


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