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Nude Dude Microfiber Flesh Tone Mens Thong

ID : NDS-J-300902-TN-7000

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Nude Dude Microfiber Skin Color Men's Thong Underwear. Get the perfect natural look and ultimate comfort with this thong cut underwear. This microfiber thong is great for wear under tights, white garments or other clothing that might reveal other colored underwear. This also works well for other occasions where a naked, but legal look is needed.

Micro Poly Spandex blend Small 26"-30", Medium 31"-33", Large 34"-36", XL 37"-39". NDS-J-300906-TN-7000


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  • When the phrase "Institutional racism" is raised it's because of things like this. "flesh tone"underwear in only 1 color. White guy. Either remove the name and call it "tan colored" underwear or take a look at all the other colors of skin in the world and act accordingly please.

    Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your input and do have other shades coming in the future. We do value and respect the diversity of skin tones in the world. We look forward to serving you in the future. The color option on the current color has been added (as tan per your suggestion). Other colors will display based on the realtime status of inventory (if a color is not in stock, it will not show on the item page)

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