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Exhibitionist Nude Sheer Flesh Tone Mens Bikini

ID : NDS-J-300903-D-0302

Exhibitionist Sheer Flesh Tone Men's Bikini Brief Underwear. These bold briefs are pretty much as close to naked as one can get while being [partially] covered. The soft and breathable mesh Flesh-tone fabric covers just enough for a nearly nothing look and feel, while still providing support.

Nude color may vary from garment to garment. Polyamide Spandex blend. Small 26-30, Medium 31-33, Large 34-36, XL 37-39, 2X 40-43". NDS-J-070822-D0312


Ask a Question
  • When will you be getting large in the Exhibitionist Sheer Flesh Tone Bikini ?

    Hello, we at this time do not plan on restocking this item.

  • I see you have men asking for Exhibitionist Sheer Flesh Tone bikini in 2 xl. Why don't you have some made? They will be a hit and make you more money at the same time.

    We currently do not have plans to bring in a 2XL, but we will pass this information to the team. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • When are you offering 2x?

    We do not have plans to bring in a 2XL currently but we will pass the suggestion to the team. Thanks!  (12/2/2020)

  • Can I order this flesh tone bikini in 2xl?

    Perhaps later in 2020, but not at this time (January)

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