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February 07, 2023

Underwear for men comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics, so choosing which one is right for you can be difficult. No one wants to go out and buy five or six different packs of underwear just to see which one is the best fit, but if you don't choose the right type, you'll make yourself uncomfortable and miserable for no reason.

If you're the type of person who likes to have different options for different occasions, you're in luck. Whether you're at the office or heading to the gym, you're sure to find the right style of underwear for you. Underwear for men doesn't have to be complicated. There's a time and place for everything, including every style of underwear. Find comfortable options for you by shopping online.

At the Office

When you're at the office, you want to both feel your best and look your best. Whether your workplace has a stricter, more professional dress code or is more of the "casual Friday everyday" type, you still want to look clean and put together, ready to work. However, it's hard to be on top of your game while working if you feel uncomfortable!

If your work clothing of choice is skinny jeans or tight dress pants, then you're probably looking for more form-fitting men's underwear. Briefs might just be your answer. Because they don't have extra fabric on the thighs as boxers or boxer briefs do, they don't bunch up when you sit down for hours at a time at your desk. Also, briefs can give you a more clean line and look because all of that extra fabric under your pants isn't there, since briefs end before the thigh. 

Additionally, because briefs are typically made of cotton, they're able to absorb any uncomfortable moisture or sweat. This means they're also a great choice for working out. Since they're form-fitting, briefs are more and more often being seen as sexy underwear for men, if you can believe it! 

In short, briefs are a great choice for men's underwear. Briefs, whether you're dressed up or dressed down, are comfortable, offer support, and look great. 

Lounging Around

Not all underwear for men needs to be form-fitting like briefs. If you're just planning on lounging around the house or wanting to head down for a nap, then boxers are for you! Loose-fitting and usually made of cotton, this type of underwear for men doesn't offer much support, but it's extremely comfortable. Plus, because they look just like shorts, they offer a little extra modesty in front of other family members who might see you in your underwear. 

This type of underwear is also great for lounging around in because wearing it under clothing can feel a bit bulky and uncomfortable. The extra fabric tends to bunch up around your thighs, so wearing tight clothing or slacks is out of the question. When you're lounging at home, however, you don't need to worry about awkward bunching or underwear lines in your jeans. All you need to worry about is being comfortable, and boxers can give you exactly that. 

Working Out

If you're looking for the full coverage of boxers combined with the support of a brief, then boxer briefs are here to save the day! Boxer briefs are the ideal men's underwear for working out because they're tight enough to give support, but also add an extra layer of thigh protection under your clothing so you don't chafe. 

Many types of boxer briefs are made using a moisture-absorbing fabric, so when you wear these to work out, you don't feel bogged down by sweat that makes your workout uncomfortable. They're great for wearing under workout clothes. 

Boxer briefs are the true MVP when it comes to ease of transition from the office to the gym. Since boxer briefs are tight and form-fitting, they look great under tighter clothing like skinny jeans and dress pants. However, since they're longer, they add a bit more protection to your thighs to prevent chafing and give you more full coverage. They're the best choice if you're planning to head straight to the gym after work. 

An Intimate Night

While thongs for men aren't as popular as boxers or briefs, they are still the preferred choice for many men. Thongs are considered sexy underwear for men, which makes them perfect if you're looking for the perfect pair to wear on a date night or a special occasion. 

Men's thongs, just like women's thongs, are crafted to have a small bit of fabric in the front. This style covers everything with thin strips of fabric over the hips, leaving the buttocks free. Because of this, thongs are perfect to wear under tight clothing, because they will not leave any kind of underwear lines and you won't experience the bunching that you will with boxers or boxer briefs. However, many men do struggle with the strip of fabric up the middle of the buttocks, so if that's not not a comfortable feeling, then a thong might not be for you. 

However, if you're planning to wear a thong just for a special occasion or for a very short time, you may want to consider doing so. ABC Underwear has some great thongs that you can even personalize for a laugh, an intimate night, or a special occasion. That way, you only need to purchase one, and if you don't like it, you haven't committed to a whole package!

ABC Underwear

Whether you're headed to the office or the gym, ABC Underwear has what you need to make sure that you're comfortable in your skin. We have a wide selection of briefs, boxers, thongs for men, and more to help you with exactly the kind of fit, fabric, and comfort you're looking for. We even offer personalized underwear you can purchase for yourself or share with your loved one as a special surprise or gift. 

If you're interested in seeing all that ABC Underwear has to offer, check out our online catalog today!

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