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December 01, 2023

The origins of men's swimwear can be traced back to Europe in the 1700s, but it wasn't until the rise of competitive sports, such as the Olympics, that modern men's swimsuits began to take shape. Over the years, men's swimwear has undergone significant evolution, leading to a diverse array of styles today, including Speedos, swim shorts, mid-cut swimsuits for men, trunks, and board shorts.

Navigating this variety can be challenging, especially when trying to find the perfect fit for your body shape and type. This guide is designed to help you explore the different styles available and choose the right swimsuit for the summer season.

Different Types of Men's Swimsuits

  1. Board Shorts: These are long, fitting close to the body but not too tight, usually ending around the knee. They are known for their coverage, and are made from quick-drying materials like lycra or polyamide. Unlike swim trunks, board shorts lack built-in netting or elastic waistbands. They are versatile, easily transitioning from swimwear to casual wear with the addition of a t-shirt and flip-flops.

  2. Swim Trunks: Common in the US, swim trunks offer a loose fit and are longer than athletic swim styles, with inseams ranging from 32 cm to 41 cm. These have a more casual look, often featuring elasticated waistbands and fitted mesh linings for support. They are another versatile option that can be worn as casual wear.

  3. Swim Shorts: These are a hybrid of speedos, board shorts, and swim trunks. Shorter and tighter than trunks but more covering than speedos, they typically have non-elasticated waists. Also known as square-cut swimsuits, swim shorts are more underwear-like in appearance and are recommended primarily for beach or pool use.

  4. Swim Briefs ( including Speedos): Ideal for those seeking sexy swimwear, swim briefs come in various cuts including classic, thong, and bikini. Originally designed for professional swimmers due to their snug fit that reduces drag, these are popular across Europe and are a choice for men who are confident in showing off their physique.

Choosing the Right Swimsuit

  • Coverage: Consider the amount of coverage you prefer. Speedos provide the least coverage, followed by swim shorts and some trunk styles. Board shorts offer the most.

  • Body Type: Choose a style that complements your body type. Men with shorter legs may prefer swim shorts or speedos, while those with thinner legs might opt for trunks or board shorts to add volume.

  • Color and Pattern: Decide if you want a solid color or a pattern. Look at your veins to determine if cool-toned or warm-toned colors suit you best. Blue veins suggest cool tones like blue or green, while green veins indicate a preference for warm tones like yellow or orange.

For a wide selection of men's swimwear, consider shopping at ABC Underwear, where you can find a range of styles and colors at affordable prices, ensuring you feel confident and stylish in your choice.

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