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Clearance Sale: California Muscle Men's Hitman Thong

ID : CM-UL-228

California Muscle Hitman Thong. Add this sexified thong to your collection. It is superb for bedroom fun and excellent for getting attention. The thong is made from a very sturdy, yet light material. It is made from urethane coding to give that Leather/Leatherette look while maintaining a comfortable feel and wear.

This Hitman thong features a built-in adjustable C-ring that allows you to adjust it to your size. The pouch is self-held, ensuring great comfort even when worn for hours. Don't miss out on this amazing item! Hurry and get one before it's too late. Enjoy! Made in the USA. This is a CLOSEOUT ITEM.


  • Made from sturdy yet light material
  • Adjustable C-ring for a perfect fit
  • Comfortable self-held pouch


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  • yes do u all have any more of the the Muscle Hit Man Thongs thongs ?

    It is real-time inventory, if you can add it to the cart it is in stock, there currently are at least one of each size now. First come first served.

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