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Mayan Forest Leather Bracelets

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Become a native with these Mayan forest genuine leather cord braided bracelets for women and men. These fashionable tribal inspired leather bracelets will make you feel like a warrior, and go great with all sorts of outfits.

These are great as a gift for a friend or yourself, especially if you're going for a surfer, warrior, tribal islander, Native American, or primal look. These bracelets are unisex, and fit most men, women, and children. These are all adjustable bracelets that average at 6" at the smallest diameter and adjust up to around 12".

Because of the large maximum diameter, these bracelets can be worn by many high up on the arm, even between the shoulder and bicep on some, for that warrior look. These are slide know adjustable bracelets, so you don't have to worry about tying them. We have several styles available. Please choose your size from the dropdown style menu before adding your bracelet to car.

The styles include Lightning, which is brown and light beige leather cords woven in a zigzag pattern, Snake, which is black and tan leather cords in a tight figure 8 pattern, Spring River, which is a wide wrapped zig zag pattern made with light brown and beige leather cord, Summer Rive, which is the same zig zag design, but with darker brown, Winter Rive, which is the same zigzag pattern, but with black leather cord, Autumn River, which is the same zig zag pattern, but with dark brown and orange-brown leather cord, Mountain Path which is a 6 strand natural brown leather woven braid with black leather accents, Meadow Path, which is the same design, but with all brown leather, Black-Hawk, which is an intricate alternating design woven around two strands of cotton cord in black leather cords, Hunt, which is a figure eight weave in black leather, Moccasin, which is a solid strap of brown leather with waxed cotton cord designs and beaded accents in brown, white, sky blue, and royal blue, and Drum, which is a lighter version, with beads in red, white, turquoise blue, and black.

Each style has waxed cotton cord adjustable straps. VG-BB37


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