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Flag Collection

Stars and Stripes Swimwear & Underwear, our flag collection, patriotic swimwear and underwear for men and women including American flag swimwear bathing suits and others. Male and female USA flags, UK flags and mixed designs and prints underwear and flag swimwear. Speedo, Male Power, NDS Wear and more.
Have some fun this holiday or marathon event. Are you going to a mudder competition and want a cool swimsuit or shorts to wear then try one of these and get a group together with a theme. Many of the styles are made with a polyester spandex blend that allows for stretch and comfort. The women's 2 piece style has a top and a bottom. Represent your country. Celebrate the red, white and blue holidays like Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day or anytime you are feeling patriotic and want to be grateful for the flag of the United States (note that these products are not made from flags, they are a print with a flag theme.) We have many styles for men that you won't find at other stores that cater mainly to women so shop online with us or come into our store.