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DIQ® Lifter - Men's Package Enhancing Strap in Black - BLOWOUT SALE!


Get the DIQ Lifter - Package Men's Enhancing Strap in Black for men by DIQ® brand features sleek and inconspicuous design for package-lifting enhancement. Make the best of what you have by giving it a boost upwards! Simply slide this on and put your package through the loop before putting on your underwear or swimsuit for an enhanced profile.

Low-rise design ensures that the strap will remain hidden under most garments. Made of high-quality, stretchy, and smooth nylon spandex covered elastic. Machine washable. Also available in white for light colored garments! See sidebar or search "DIQ-10" Great for erotic encounters, go go dancing at the club, stripping, or for a fuller-looking bulge any day, in underwear or swimwear.

Great as a substitute for fluffing! Some customers have recommended wearing this cock ring strap with the seams on the outside for a smoother experience. Consists of 1 men's package enhancement strap.

Available in adult mens Standard USA sizing: Medium fits 30-34 inch, Large fits 35-38 inch stretchy fit. Nylon, Spandex. DIQ-10-BLACK (LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND ONLY, SPECTACULAR SALE!)

See it in White color as well here




  • Sleek and inconspicuous design
  • Enhances package-lifting
  • Low-rise design for hidden wear


Ask a Question
  • Ok,I don't want to be too graphic however we are talking about my penis. I have a bit of a problem. I'm around 5" flaccid and yes I'm aware that's a little above average,however my testicles are large and they hang about level with my head. The combination of the head and testicles measure 10 1/4" around. My testicles as I said hang as far from my body as the head does. I have hurt myself walking and have sat on them also. I have been wearing a cockring that lifts and pulls forward. Does the lifter lift the testicles enough to prevent sitting on them. I have worn some cockrings before close to your enhancer ring. What one would work best. The lifter or the enhancer ring. I need to keep my testicles up and forward as much as possible.

    We suggest you try one of the DIQ C-Rings with velcro, the new version

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kenneth A Collis
These are fantastic for Commando's

I have never worn underwear very much. Hate them, but always hated that sweaty feeling between the legs and my package. The DIQ® Lifter - Men's Package Enhancing Strap is the answer for those who are like me in this regard. The added bonus is how they feel in the crack of my butt! Fantastic, yes I am a bottom!!!.


Added a dart to make it tighter. Raised the awareness and sensitivity.

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