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Sheer Wrap Pants

ID : NDS-DA-10623

Sheer Wrap Pants. These are the ultimate unisex lounge pants or beach wear. These unisex wrap pants are made of sheer like fabric, allowing them to be very light and breathable for those warm days. Wear them around the house or take them to the beach. They're perfect for those who love comfort, but always want a stylish look. They wrap both in front and back to create that flow look and feel. Model is not wearing anything underneath so "Splash Star" placed to cover private areas. Maybe worn with or without underwear or swimwear. These sheer pants are one size, measured flat on a table the waist it 28" wide on the front and back (combined would be 56 inches front and back together),Plus extra long straps to allow for the perfect fit and the height is 40" long. So hurry and get your pair before it's too late.  NDS-DA-10623


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  • What is the material?

    This is a nylon fabric sheer. (see thru)

  • What's the maximum size the waist can tie at on these?

    The waist is 29 inches relax fit on each side making it 58 inches full wrap around. It also has the additional ties on each side that are 28 inches on each side (2 ties per side). Allowing to wrap around total with ties up to approximately; over 112 inches. Allowing for a great fit.  

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