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Sports Gear

Looking for high-quality sports gear to enhance your performance and protect yourself while playing your favorite sports? Look no further! Our wide range of athletic protection includes sliding shorts, compression shorts, swimming gear, athletic wraps, and our exclusive thermal tech (TM) products. Whether you're into inline skating, snowboarding, skateboarding, baseball, softball, soccer, or football, we have the gear you need to excel in your game. Additionally, we offer products specifically designed to soothe your aches and pains, ensuring maximum comfort and support during physical activities. Explore our collection now and take your sports experience to the next level!

 Athletic wear has really come a long way. Jock straps, workout shorts, and shirts have improved when it comes to comfort, use, and of course the look.
Jock straps back in the day weren’t something men enjoyed wearing. Instead they felt they had to wear them. Back in the 1950’s and 60’s boys were permitted to wear jock straps during Physical Education. Coaches were very strict and enforced this rule (Thomas Kraemer). Now in today’s world, jock straps are fun, sexy, and a lot more comfortable with many colors and styles. Many different fabrics are being used such as sheer, microfiber, mesh, netting, and of course, cotton. The Jock Thongs designed by NDS Wear is one of the most popular jock out there. They fit and feel like a jock, but also have a string in the back creating a thong. So no more ordinary jocks, it’s time to look and feel sexy. 

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Workout shorts have definitely revolutionized from being extremely short, to below your knees. The shorter shorts are still popular, but in the past 10 years, longer workout shorts have really made an impact such as in sports, swimming, running, hiking, or just working out. The NBA, National Basketball Association, has become very big fan of the longer shorts. Workout shorts also have many different fabrics, colors, and sizes. It all depends on which one suits you the best. Many people still prefer the shorter shorts because they don’t have all the extra weight or material in the way. The Churchill Shorts created by California Muscle, are short and snug to your body. They grip your thighs, butt, and leave plenty of room in the crotch department. These would be great for the gym or pool. Another great piece of workout wear would be Jocko’s design, the Side Stripe Lace Up Shorts. These slim fitting shorts are similar to Capri pants. The design is aerodynamic, not allowing any extra fabric to slow you down. Some popular designers for these two styles are NDS Wear, Neptio, Lobbo, and ABC Underwear. They combine comfort, support, and an intriguing look into one, creating a masterpiece.
The styles of workout shirts haven’t changed as much as the fabric has. Cotton was the most popular material used about 10-15 years ago for athletic shirts. The availability of different material has increased to a substantial number. The 3 most popular types are mesh, microfiber, and of course cotton. 
Mesh is very breathable. It consists of many tiny or large holes, allowing air to enter, greatly reducing odor. Athletic wear mesh is also very light has a soft touch. Many people in the wrestling industry use this type of material. A wonderful shirt of choice would be the Gil Contrast Mesh T-shirt, discovered by Jocko
Many designers and companies use microfiber material due to the fact, it’s extremely soft. Not only is this fabric soft, but also it’s great for moisture control. It soaks any moisture up and since the fabric is light, it dries fast. The Microfiber Tank Top, athletic wear or casual wear, developed by NDS Wear is a great example.