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A Man’s Holiday Guide to Buying Men’s Underwear

Most men probably spend less time selecting their underwear than women do. In the past, this could be explained by the fact that men had less to choose from than women did concerning underwear. Today, however, men have quite a selection of underwear styles to choose from whether or not they are looking for something sexy, strictly functional, playful, or athletic in nature. Make the most of your Christmas shopping by selecting the right style for him.

Buying men’s underwear has become ever so much more involved than in the past. No longer is it simply a matter of picking the right size and choosing briefs or boxers. Today’s styles of men’s underwear offer so much more with blended versions of age-old boxer and brief favorites, sexy men’s underwear, and men’s exotic underwear. Buying men’s underwear today involves the ability to choose more colors, assorted fabrics, low-rise waistbands, high-rise cuts, flys, and no flys.

Men’s Briefs

Traditional briefs feature a normal waistline, elastic waistband, front fly, and full coverage of the front and back. Low-rise briefs have a waistband that sits approximately three inches below the waist. Mid-rise briefs sit approximately two inches below a man’s waistline.

No matter which style of men’s briefs you choose, the fit is comfortable. This style of underwear is less likely to ride up and cause wedgies. Men’s briefs provide good support for the genitals. Today’s versions of men’s briefs are also available without the y-shaped fly.

Men’s Boxers

Providing a straight-cut leg that extends partially over the thigh, men’s boxers are loose-fitting and comfortable to wear. Covering the entire frontal area and buttocks, men’s boxers are cut to offer a variety of lengths, generally ranging between eight and sixteen inches. Men’s boxers usually feature an open fly in the front. Tapered boxers are narrower in the thigh area, and may feature a front pouch/panel rather than an open fly.

Men’s briefs do not provide good support for the genitals, and they have a tendency to bunch up on the thighs. Due to both of these facts, boxers are not a good choice when choosing underwear to put on for any type of physical activity, including sports. Men’s boxers are considered a classic style of men’s underwear that is often selected as the underwear of choice for suits and loose-fitting slacks.

Men’s Boxer Briefs

Blending the best of both worlds, men’s boxer briefs offer the snug fit of briefs along with the full cut of boxers. Boxer briefs provide full coverage and support, while sculpting the thighs. This style of underwear for men is suitable to wear beneath most fashions, but is especially suited for athletic wear and slim cut slacks. When you buy this style of men’s underwear, you should look for spandex or a cotton blend containing spandex to get the most out of your purchase as far as a proper fit and longevity.

Men’s Bikinis

Definitely not intended for men with little self-esteem or extremely overweight physiques, men’s bikinis are considered one of the tamest forms of men’s sexy underwear styles. The bikini’s waistband is generally several inches (as many as 3 or 4) below a man’s waistline and may be narrow or wide. With string bikinis, the waistband is very narrow and may not even reach a full half inch. Men’s bikinis typically do not have flys.

Men’s bikini styles cover the front and back, but leave the thighs completely exposed. This style of men’s underwear is suitable for most types of fashion, but it is especially suited for low-rise slacks, jeans, and shorts.

Men’s Thongs and G-strings

High on the list of sexiest underwear, men’s thongs and g-strings cover little and support even less. The skimpiest of men’s underwear, thongs and g-strings are good choice for men with athletic bodies who want to show off. Neither thongs nor g-strings are good options when engaging in physical activities since they do not offer any support whatsoever.

Buying men’s underwear isn’t all that complicated. The best way to discover which style of men’s underwear is perfect for you is to try one of each kind. Take advantage of the versatility in fabrics, styles, and patterns (plaids, themed, solids) and experiment so that you can find out what style of men’s underwear suits your body best.