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Best Men's Workout Clothes

If you are like the steadily growing number of men in this country that take working out seriously then good for you! You've already done the hard task of motivating yourself to get in a heart-pumping workout. You are working hard at the gym or through personal training outdoors, but is your workout clothing working as hard as it should be? Technology is all around us. It improves our lives in countless ways every day. Did you realize that technology is also present in the fabrics that we wear? Designers of men's workout clothing are incorporating new technology into their attire that can really have a big impact on your comfort at the gym.

Beyond Underwear: The Best Clothes for the Gym

Start by thinking about what kind of workout you will be doing. Certain workouts like yoga, Pilates, or other stretching exercises will require a greater range of motion from your gear. Spandex and polyester are good choices for this type of exercise. On the other hand, for a workout that is going to involve a more intense cardiovascular focus you should probably consider clothing made from a moisture wicking fabric.

Moisture wicking fabric use technology to keep sweat away from your skin. Moisture wicking fabrics are made from synthetic materials that are virtually nonabsorbent. It works at keeping your skin dry by wicking perspiration away from your skin to the surface of the fabric where it can then be absorbed into the air. These fabrics will leave you feeling dry and much more comfortable. Cotton fabric tends to do exactly the opposite. It absorbs moisture, leaving you with a soggy and damp feeling. Moisture wicking fabric is used to make shirts, shorts, pants, and even socks for use during your workout.

Another trend in men's workout clothing is compression clothing . Compression clothing is designed to be worn under your outer workout gear. Compression clothing was first introduced to promote healing in a medical setting. The compression of the fabric is used to support the underlying tissue and as a result can reduce swelling, promote circulation, or help to reduce the appearance of varicose or spider veins. Over time, the use of compression clothing has spread to more mainstream uses. The appeal of compression clothing is found in its ability to improve coordination, increase stamina and promote muscle power when worn by someone who is working out. Compression clothing can help improve your circulation and significantly reduce your recovery time after a workout. Compression clothing fits snugly to your body and offers you additional support as well.

If you prefer to exercise outdoors there is fabric technology that will appeal to you as well. Many brands offer workout garments that are coated with a water repelling technology. This way you never have to quit your workout if a summer storm starts to brew. This technology will keep you dry and you can finish your run or ride in comfort. If you are training outside in cold weather you will certainly appreciate the technology found in many pieces of workout clothing that helps to hold your body heat in. This technology helps to keep you warm, but not hot when working out outdoors.

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