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Black Underwear for Men

Sophisticated, Powerful, and Sexy: Men’s Underwear in Black

You may not realize it but the color of your underwear can reveal a lot about you. You are sending a message that may indeed be subconscious, but still important. Most people associate color with specific characteristics or qualities and these interpretations tend to have the same meaning within a culture, so they are fairly universal. Take for example a man who chooses white as the color of his underwear. You may assume that he is fairly traditional and probably leans toward conservative views. He likes things predictable and orderly. What about a man who prefers vibrant colors for his underwear? Well, you might infer that he is playful and free spirited. Bright colors evoke emotions relating to youth and a person wearing bright underwear may be advertising his willingness for adventure. The man who wears black underwear may be the most complicated to describe. Black is a color that has many connotations and may be the most complex.

Black is a color that is synonymous with power and wealth. Consider the other types of clothing that are linked to black: black tie or the little black dress. Both make you think of something elite. Sophistication is another thought that comes to mind when you see black clothing. Men's underwear can have the same effect. Black men's underwear projects power and control as well as success. Men who wear black underwear may be sending a message to their partner that they are in control and will take the lead in a romantic situation.

Black underwear for men may also send a message of mystery. Black is a color that is linked with seduction, making it a great choice for men's underwear if you are looking to intrigue your partner with the thought of what lies beneath. When your trousers come off and your black underwear is revealed it will send a message that you are a confident man who likes to take control.

Designers of men's underwear are moving toward the trend of using black underwear as a way to highlight subtle details. Black underwear is a great canvas where designers can add details that enhance already great looking underwear. Many designers are experimenting with seam placement or the use of buttons. These details are really pronounced when they are added to solid black underwear. Another way that designers make black underwear stand out is by implementing different types of waistbands. Black underwear with varying widths of waistbands seem to be popular. Many men who pride themselves on their style and elegance will appreciate these subtle nods to fine craftsmanship.

Men's underwear that is black looks sexy in an array of cuts. Black briefs are a go-to choice for men who like to keep things snug and under control. Black briefs offer a double punch when it comes to projecting control and dominance. Boxer briefs are another cut of men's underwear that really gets a boost from the color black. A form fitting pair of boxer briefs with a stand out waistband screams sexy. Boxers too look sexy and inviting when worn in black.

Black underwear is great way for an assertive and confidant man to make his intentions known in the bedroom. Give black underwear a try and appease your inner control freak.