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Boxer Shorts for Men

Sometimes the modern man takes his cues from the reinterpretation of the classically styled man. It is curious to wonder how many men have started thinking about classic boxer shorts after watching an episode of Mad Men in which title character, Don Draper, is shown in his underwear (Show is not related or endorsed by this site and the show has not endorsed us, but it is a great show). Don Draper is known for his career success as much as for his success with the ladies. Don Draper is the kind of man many men would like to be. When Don Draper is shown pre or post coital he is usually wearing his signature white boxer shorts. This must have inspired at least a few men to rethink the boxer short as a possibility for their underwear needs.

A man like the fictional character in the show knows what he wants. Evidently what he wants to wear under his trousers is a pair of high quality, classic boxer shorts. The boxer shorts shown in Mad Men still have a hint of the more generous and ballooning cut. Today, designers are working hard to streamline the boxer short so it has a more contemporary cut and feel. Designers also like to shorten the length of the leg to promote a more modern look.

Boxer Shorts For the Modern Man

Boxer shorts have been a popular underwear choice since their introduction in the mid 1920s. Their popularity saw a surge in 1947 and again in the mid 1980s. Fashion is cyclical so the rise and fall of their popularity is really no surprise. Men have consistently chosen boxer shorts since their introduction for perhaps one simple reason: they are the least restrictive underwear on the market. Many men like the feeling of freedom when it comes to what underwear does or does not provide. Men who like boxer shorts are looking for comfort and the absence of a constricting or bound feeling.

Another great thing about today's boxers are the wide range of colors and patterns available. Don likes his boxers in classic white, but designers can accommodate your personal tastes with an array of options. Do you have a favorite sports team? Great! Wear your lucky boxers emblazoned with their logo on game day. How about a nice pair of boxers that reflect your passion for the ocean? You could try boxers emblazoned with nautical flags, lobsters, or nautical knots. Want to show your partner that you are feeling lucky? No problem, you can find boxers that have a dice or playing card motif. Really, the options in this category are endless. If you can think of a pattern that interests you, chances are you can find it on a pair of boxers.

Some men like to keep things a little more neutral; there is nothing wrong with that. But in addition to classic white there are many styles that offer just a hint of pattern. Why not try boxers with a pinstripe or polka dot? It shows a little fun, right? Paisley and plaid are other patterns that fall into the pretty safe, masculine pattern category.

If you haven't thought about boxer shorts in a while it may be the time to give them another look. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you've been missing.