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Caring for Lingerie

Caring for Your Sexy Lingerie

Caring for your sexy lingerie is an easy task as long as you follow a few simple rules. The fabric and construction of women’s intimate apparel is typically delicate in nature. Therefore, the primary rule that you need to remember when caring for your sexy lingerie is to be gentle at all times.

You should use gentle laundry detergents and a gentle wash-and-rinse cycle in order to maintain the shape and feel of the fabric. If the detergent you use is too harsh, it can weaken the fabric, making your lingerie look worn and old. Likewise, using a normal or heavy-duty wash cycle will also ruin the look and feel of your sexy lingerie’s fabric. It may even create tears, pulls, and complete stretching of your intimate apparel. Overloading the washer can create the same effect on your delicate panties, bras, camisoles, nighties, and additional types of intimate apparel.

The best laundering option is to use a gentle or delicate setting on the washer. Additionally, your lingerie should be laundered separately to protect it from harm. If you place your lingerie in the washer with heavy, rugged, or zippered clothing, your intimate apparel may become torn or damaged in other ways. Cold water is typically acceptable to use. However, you may want to use hot water to wash certain items, especially if the fabric ( cotton or nylon) will hold up.

For the best results, you should secure the closures (hooks-and-eyes or snaps) on your lingerie before placing them into the washer. This strategy helps to prevent your lingerie from getting tangled up, which can lead to unnecessary stretching.

Special laundry bags have been created to assist with the safe laundering of delicate clothing. Using them can help to protect your sexy lingerie from damage. It is also recommended that you hand wash any lingerie that is especially delicate in nature.

If you decide to use the dryer after your lingerie has been laundered, you should use a gentle or low setting to prevent unnecessary shrinking. Drying your lingerie separately from other clothing will also help to protect it from damage.

The most important tip to follow is to treat your lingerie with the same delicacy with which it has been created. When in doubt, simply hand wash your lingerie to maintain its shape and size.

Summary: Caring for sexy lingerie is easy as long as you follow a few simple rules. Since this style of clothing is often delicate in nature, it is important to use special precautions when laundering lingerie.