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Choosing Lingerie

How to Choose the Perfect Sexy Lingerie

Wearing the perfect plus size lingerie can be a massive boost to your self-esteem and sexual confidence, making you look and feel fantastic. Sexy lingerie can make you whoever you want to be – an outrageous Vegas showgirl, a sophisticated city girl, a soft feminine country girl, or a 1950s Hollywood bombshell. Wearing different underwear is a fantastic way to reinvent yourself in the bedroom, and give you a never-ending string of different sexual personalities. There is a huge range of sexy lingerie out there, so how do you know what’s best?

The first thing to look out for is style. If you choose a bra and underwear set, there are a multitude of options available and this gives you maximum flexibility. This is ideal if you are different sizes on top and bottom. Bras come in many different styles, including balconette, plunge, padded, peephole and even front-fastening. For the underwear, French knickers, thongs or g-strings, high-leg and crotchless knickers can all be sexy styles. The key is to choose garments that are both sexy and comfortable for you, which may not necessarily be the ones with the least material! It’s important to shop for your body type, and if you are anxious about your body, this shouldn’t put you off buying lingerie. French knickers, for example, cover most of your bottom but are still very sexy.

If you want to splash out, consider buying a corset or basque. Flattering on every shape, corsets pull in and shape every waist into a gorgeous hourglass, emphasizing womanly curves. They can usually also be worn underneath dresses to create a beautiful, sexy shape. If you want something softer and more versatile, a chemise or cami could be a perfect option, and can also be worn as nightwear. Don’t forget about your legs - stockings and suspenders can add an ultra-sexy and feminine touch to your lingerie and come in a huge range of styles. Next on the list is colour or color for the plus size lingerie. Although red and black are traditionally seen as the sexiest colours, don’t underestimate other tones such as chocolate brown, deep purple and electric blue. Choose a colour that is flattering against your hair and skin tone – warm colours such as brown, dark red and forest green work well with very pale skin, whilst those with olive or darker skin suit vivid colours like purple, bright blue and even yellow. Consider going for a colour that matches your eyes to emphasize them. Even just choosing your favourite colour can boost your confidence in your new lingerie. If in doubt, black is a safe, sexy choice. It suits everyone, is slimming, and offers the widest range of styles available in shops. When choosing the material of your sexy lingerie, consider what feels nice against your skin. Silk or satin will feel the softest, whilst lace is traditionally seen as very attractive. Ribbons can be a lovely feminine touch, whilst fastenings such as hooks, zips and press studs can add a sexy challenge to the removal of the garments! Try to buy the best lingerie that you can afford, as more expensive fabrics will feel better against your skin and to the touch. Don’t forget that sexy lingerie doesn’t just stop at traditional bras and corsets. Fantasy lingerie is a great opportunity to explore a variety of different personalities in the bedroom, from naughty nurses to sexy secretaries, the possibilities are endless! Choosing the perfect sexy lingerie is a different experience for everyone, but keep these tips in mind and you should find your perfect style, colour and fabric to make you look and feel fantastic.

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