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Colorado Sales Tax Infomation

New law goes into effect for Colorado (we are a non collecting company in Colorado): i. The non-collecting retailer is not obligated, and does not, collect Colorado sales tax; ii. The purchase is subject to Colorado sales tax unless it is specifically exempt from taxation; iii. The purchase is not exempt merely because it is made over the Internet or by other remote means; iv. The State of Colorado requires that the taxpayer file a sales/use tax return at the end of the year reporting all of the purchases that were not taxed and pay tax on those purchases; v. Retailers that do not collect Colorado sales tax are obligated to provide purchasers an end-of-year summary of purchases in order to assist purchasers in filing their tax report; (NOTE: If you do not receive a year end statement by mail from us following a calendar year which you had purchases, please email customer service with any updated information regarding your mailing address and your order history). vi. Details of how to file this return may be found at the Colorado Department of Revenue’s website, www.taxcolorado.com; vii. Retailers that do not collect Colorado sales tax are required by law to provide the Colorado Department of Revenue with a report of the total amount of all of a purchaser’s purchases at the end of the year.