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Designer Underwear for Men

High Quality Designer Underwear for Men

Upgrade Your Underwear: Designer Underwear for Men. Today's modern man is just as likely as his female counterpart to spend time following the trends in fashion. Men's magazines cater to this population of men who want to look great. It's easy to use their visual guides to re-create attention grabbing looks. These men understand that a stylish appearance is a sure way to convey confidence and success. Men who develop their own style typically like to procure the best quality merchandise available. Clothing designers can accommodate a man's demand for high quality and superior fit through brand name and luxury labels. A well put together man shows the world his attention to detail and his willingness to stand apart.

There is no reason why the stylish man should only show his swagger to the outside world. There are plenty of opportunities for men to transfer their desire for fine apparel to their choice of underwear. Manufacturers know that designer underwear is important to their customers. The same high quality and superior construction is just as important in a man's underwear as it is in his dress shirt or trousers. Many men's designer brands have lines of underwear that are very popular.

Designer underwear started gaining popularity in the early 1990's. This is when Calvin Klein erupted onto the designer underwear scene with their line of memorable Mark Wahlberg, black and white, boxer brief promoting ads. This is viewed by many as a crucial turning point in the evolution of men's underwear. Up until this point in time, men basically had two choices: boxers or briefs. The variety was limited as was the choice of colors and patterns. The emergence of the boxer brief and the way in which it was presented in such an overt and sexy fashion really got men thinking about their underwear and what it was saying about them. Many men decided that their underwear was a useful tool to convey a message about what kind of man they are.

Since the designer brand Calvin Klein paved the way for thinking differently about men's underwear, other brands have followed the trend. Today, many fashion designers also create lines of underwear for their customers. Customers appreciate the ability to be dressed head to toe in their favorite labels. Some of the most popular brands to offer underwear lines include: Calvin Klein, Armani, Prada, Abercrombie, Ralph Lauren, and Hugo Boss.

Not all designer underwear comes from established clothing houses. Some designer underwear is unique to this genre of undergarments. For some manufacturers the focus on underwear, swimwear, and athletic wear allows for more innovation and creative styles, cuts, and patterns. Some of the well-known designer names in this market include: LOBBO Underwear, NDS Wear, Speedo, C-IN2, and DIQ Wear.

Designer names in men's underwear are certainly growing in popularity. As men continue to feel more confident exploring their personal style and sense of fashion it is natural for underwear to be an important part of a man's overall look. Every man should try at least one pair of well-made designer underwear. It can be a real ego boost.