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Discover The Best Everyday Briefs For Men

Basic Cotton Briefs For Men

Are your everyday cotton briefs up to snuff? There are plenty of soft, comfy options for men who want appealing everyday briefs. Of course, with plenty of new innovations to make men’s underwear more comfortable and sexy, the price of briefs is going up. Last year, The New York Times reported that men were paying more than ever for high quality underwear. Some of these new high-end briefs even require special cleaning.

Despite the many options out there for men, briefs remain the most popular style of men’s underwear. Kate Middleton even gave Prince William a sexy pair of cotton briefs for Valentine’s Day! Even if you opt to stick with traditional briefs, there is a wide variety of options. A complete closet should have several different styles in order to accommodate different clothing styles and occasions.

Shopping Considerations

If you are shopping for a good basic pair of men's briefs, here are few things to consider before you make your purchase.

- Snug-fit styles have become more popular thanks to their greater level of comfort as well as sex appeal.

- Many styles include a contour pouch. This enhancing component allows you to keep your package safe and secure all day long. In addition, many of these pouches include enhancing elements that improve the appearance of your boys. Regardless, contour pouches ensure great support.

- Don’t forget to think about the fly. The traditional front-fly is still popular, but no-fly styles create a smoother line underneath your pants.

- If you’re searching for a pair of briefs to go underneath your jeans, check out a low-rise style that won’t hang out over the top of your pants.

- Don’t forget to identify the fabric! Although many men choose 100% cotton, blended fabrics often permit greater comfort.

Fabric Choices

As mentioned above, many men are making the switch to blended fabric. When cotton is blended with spandex or Lycra, the resulting product is softer, stretchier, and more flexible. Blended fabric contours to the shape of your body more effectively. Other popular non-cotton materials include:

- Polyester and Lycra blends, which are supremely soft and stay pleasantly cool against your skin.

- Mesh fabric, a great option for when you go to the gym thanks to its cool support and ability to wick away sweat.

- Sueded microfiber, the ultimate choice for men wanting an intensely soft underwear experience.

Innovative Elements

Next time you go shopping for men’s underwear, test out some of these latest innovations.

- Adjustable straps for a personalized shape

- A built-in pocket over the fly for when you’re relaxing on the couch and don’t want to lose your phone or the remote

- Anti-microbial fabric options that will keep you clean no matter what

- Anti-odor technology for reducing unpleasant smells

- Zoned ventilation to keep things cool down there

Color Theory

Although some underwear companies have recently debuted muted, subtle color schemes, brightly colored hues seem to be the current trend for men’s underwear. Business News Daily suggests that this development could be a sign of an improving economy, since a stronger economy allows consumers to make more frivolous choices.

Regardless, underwear companies are producing more adventurous and exciting options for their male clients. What new kind of briefs are you going to try next?