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Guide to Sexy Men's Underwear, thongs and G-string

A Man’s Guide to Sexy Men’s Underwear: Skimpy Thongs and G-Strings

Men’s sexy underwear has blossomed from one or two styles offered in novelty shops to dozens of sexy lingerie styles for men featuring bottom-baring cuts, lacey fabrics, and attractive colors. One of the most popular styles of men’s sexy underwear is the man’s thong, which is available in a variety of eye-appealing styles. Not only are men’s thongs available in simple, sexy styles, but they are also sold in a variety of designer-enhanced styles with bits of metal, peek-a-boo openings, and enhancing pouches.

Men’s thongs are no longer just for exotic dancers. Today’s self-assured male can indulge in a bit of sexy underwear, choosing from a wide assortment of fabrics, styles, and colors. It’s important to realize that men’s thongs typically do not provide any athletic support whatsoever, but there are plenty of other styles of men’s underwear that do. Men’s thongs and g-strings are typically comfortable to wear and come in the following selection of sexy styles.
men's g-string thong

Men’s sexy underwear, especially thongs, is available in mesh, lace, silk, cotton, microfiber, and just about every type of cloth imaginable. Thongs, in addition to being sexy to wear, also minimize the appearance of seams that traditional men’s underwear can create. Men’s thongs are designed to be provocative and comfortable. The basic styles of men’s thongs include micro-thongs, g-strings, thongs, t-back thongs, v-shape thongs, y-back thongs, v-string thongs, quick-release thongs, low-rise thongs, sheer thongs, and enhancing thongs.

Thongs for Men

The basic male thong provides good coverage of the genitals, hiding them from view while leaving little to the imagination. The typical style features a triangular-shaped front and a y-shaped strip of cloth that travels from the front and along the crack of a man’s buttocks until reaching the waistband of the thong.

G-strings for Men

The skimpiest style of men’s thongs after the micro-thong, the mens g-string is little more than a tiny, low-rise, contour pouch for frontal coverage and a tiny string-like waistband with a floss-like strip of fabric connecting the front pouch with the back of the g-string’s waistband.

T-back Thongs for Men

Featuring full frontal coverage, the men’s t-back thong is designed to include a wider than average waistband along with a straight strip of fabric that connects the front of the t-back thong with its waistband. The man’s t-back thong is designed to offer comfort during movement along with full exposure of the buttocks.

V-string Thongs for Men

Offering string-like strips of fabric for the waistband and sides, the v-string thong provides the frontal pouch and a v-shaped cut of fabric at the upper back portion of the thong. In some styles, the v in the back of the man’s v-shape thong is accomplished solely with the waistband, which dips downward in the center portion of the thong’s back.

Quick-release Thongs for Men

The quick-release thong for men is available in a few different styles. The sides of the thong feature easy-open clips, snaps, or ties so that a man can accomplish a quick exit from the confines of his sexy underwear.

Micro-Thongs for Men

A man’s micro-thong typically features an extremely low-rise pouch with contour styling. It is the smallest style of thong, offering a narrow waistband, sides, and strip of fabric for the back end. Little, if anything, is left to the imagination with a micro-thong.

Y-back Thongs for Men

The primary purpose of a y-back thong is to prevent the front pouch from being pulled back as a man bends, sits, or moves in certain ways. It is designed for the ultimate in comfort since the y-shape helps to prevent constriction.

Low-rise Thongs for Men

Thongs featuring a low rise in the front are perfect for wear with low-rider jeans and pants. Their top bands are set well below the waist, creating a sexy silhouette.

Enhancing Thongs for Men

Styled to enhance a man’s private parts, the enhancing thong style is designed to provide uplifting support for a man’s genitals. Enhancing c-ring thongs feature what some brands refer to as the “power pouch.”

Sheer Thongs

Sheer thongs are designed to provide the ultimate in sexy lingerie apparel for men. Any type of thong can incorporate sheer fabric into its design f