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Guy Thongs

We love guy thongs

Looking for where to buy guys thongs? Remember back to the year 2000, when Sisqo released his hit single, "Thong Song." The thong song was a popular hit and even though you may question the artistic merits of the recording, it did bring the topic of thong underwear into the mainstream. Thong is now a word that has entered the pop culture lexicon. Women have embraced the thong for many years. Today, more and more men are also giving the thong a try and discovering that they love it, and really, what's not to love?

Men can appreciate the thong for many of the same reasons as women. For example, the thong is sexy underwear. A thong is a type of underwear that resembles a bikini undergarment in the front. It is designed to cover a man's genitals with a pouch like piece of fabric. However, the back of the underwear reveals a big surprise! The rear of the guys thong is constructed from a narrow string-like fabric that connects to the pouch and waistband and is designed to reveal a man's rear end. The waistband of guys thong underwear can vary in width. Sometimes designers highlight the waistband in a contrasting color to add visual interest to the thong. This barely there approach to men's underwear is incredibly sexy.

Sexy mens thong underwear

Many men enjoy wearing sexy mens thong underwear because it is comfortable, whether for full grown men or the conservative college-guy. Some men complain that finding a good fit in brief cut underwear is difficult because they are too snug unlike the string tanga. Another common complaint about brief underwear is its tendency to produce a wedgie. Both of these problems can be eliminated when men switch to wearing thong underwear. Support can actually be improved in thong underwear for men. The pouch into which the man's genitals are placed provides excellent support. Therefore, thong underwear is the perfect combination of support in the front and freedom in the back.

Thong underwear for men comes in a wide variety of fabrics in this style of supportive minimal undergarments. This variety means that you can find a pair of must-have thong underwear that is perfect for every occasion. Thong underwear for men can be found in cotton, or a cotton-lycra blend, silk, satin, mesh, microfiber, and nylon.

Fashion forward men often look to sexy thongs for practical reasons dating back to the old english thwong. Thongs are a great choice of underwear for men who want to avoid visible lines from their underwear showing through their clothing. More fitted and tailored styles of slacks and trousers are gaining popularity in menswear. Therefore, men who wear these styles appreciate the clean silhouette that wearing thong underwear promotes. Styles in men's jeans and other pants are moving toward a low-rise design. Low-rise thongs are the perfect solution for what to wear with your low-rise jeans. The thong is a great choice for men who want to avoid tan lines. Wearing a thong to the beach, pool, or tanning bed will result in a more even and natural looking tan.

Thongs serve many purposes and are a great choice of underwear for men. Many men are hooked on sexy thong underwear after the first time they try them. Give the thong a try and find out how quickly you'll want to add more!