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Men's underwear and swimsuits

Including sexy underwear for men and basic briefs right here at ABCunderwear.com

Mens Brief and Thongs

Sexy men's undergarments come in an ever-increasing variety of styles, colors, cuts, and fabrics. Today's man is faced with many decisions about which type of underclothes are the best meets his need for comfort, style, and personal expression. We have you covered, literally. We offer great brands of clothing that have instant name recognition. We have a massive selection of male undergarments at great prices.


The athletic supporter is the quintessential men's athletic wear. However, the jockstrap may deserve a second look. The jockstrap has been re-envisioned as a symbol of men's athleticism and masculinity. No longer just for the gym, the jock strap now has real potential in the bedroom.

Men's Thong Underwear

Thongs are not just for women anymore! Many of the same factors that make women love wearing thong underwear also apply to sexy men. Thongs are lightweight and not bulky under your clothing. Current styles and trends such as low rise pants and jeans demand an alteration and the thong is often the perfect solution. Thongs sold for men offer the perfect amount of support with the least amount of bulk.

Men's Briefs

For most men, briefs are a part of their underwear rotation. And why not? Briefs are a great choice when it comes to support and comfort. We have a huge selection of briefs that are moisture wicking from such well known manufacturers as: Calvin Klein, Jocko, Rips, JM Intimode, NDS WEAR, and C-In2.

Cheap Men's Underwear

The selection of amazing mens underwear is always evolving and growing daily. In order to make room for new products, we offer our customers a clearance section where they can find cheap mens underwear without sacrificing quality. We appreciate our customers who are on a budget or looking for a deal. If cheap mens underwear is what you need we have it!

Yes, we have plenty of styles of apparel to choose from. Get your Christmas, Valentine's Day or Anniversary gifts for men some might call mens lingerie, as well as other great gift ideas for men and women. Get your partner something special like personalized boxers mens underwear for Christmas, Mother's Day or Father's Day. We have popular brands including some of the best, like NDS Wear ®, LOBBO ®, DIQ ®, Gregg Homme ®, and many more or shop for clearance sales. We have briefs for the conservative type, trunks for the modern man, and thongs for those with a little more adventure in their online shopping and home life. Buy big men's clothing, American Flag Bikinis or boxers.. Our site also features top brands from the best men's underwear and swimwear manufacturers from around the world.


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