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Men's Animal Print Underwear

Roar! Fierce Animal Prints in Erotic Male Underwear

Animal prints have long been a staple in designer collections. People are attracted to animal prints because of their long standing association with rarity and wealth. Owning an animal print coat or handbag is something of a status symbol among the upper echelons of society. Many men's underwear designers have tapped into this connection and have interpreted designs that express a fun and playful take on animal print luxury for your undergarments. Animal print men's underwear sends the message that things in the bedroom are about to get wild!

Animal print men's underwear was introduced in the 1960's when society was in a period of awakening. People were becoming less inhibited and were more likely to look for ways to express themselves outside of established norms. Nothing says, "look at me" better than a pair of cheetah or leopard underwear. Over time, men have become more confident in their fashion choices. Today, men's underwear can be found in an array of patterns and colors, but the animal print motif has endured and is still a popular choice for many men.

Men's Animal Print Underwear

Animal print underwear for men can register on the scale from mild to wild. Men's briefs and boxers can be found in a broad array of animal print fabrics. These items tend to be more discreet and basically take the classic boxer or brief and add a touch of daring through the use of an animal print. Many men who are normally conservative love to surprise their partner with these playful undergarments.

Some men like to take things further toward wild on the scale. For these men ABC Underwear has a wide range of options. The giraffe print G-string is a great choice of animal-print sexy underwear if you are looking for some adventure in the bedroom. The giraffe print is really playful and the G-string cut is super sexy. Many men feel very sexy when they are wearing G-string underwear. The G-string is the perfect choice if you want to show off your great butt and other assets. Others may prefer the sexy zebra-print mesh boxer brief

Another popular cut that looks great in animal print is the men's thong. The microfiber cheetah mens thong and low-rise leopard print thong are two additional popular items available from ABC Underwear. They are both a little daring and will allow you to show off all the hard work you've been doing at the gym. The animal print on this thong underwear is sure to attract your partner's attention.

Men's animal print underwear is certainly a look that has withstood the test of time. Men animal print underwear continues to be a popular item. Men's animal print underwear sends the message that you are looking for an adventure. Deciding who will be the prey and who will be the predator could turn into a fun and sexy evening. Animal print underwear may be just the thing you are looking for to channel your inner wild man. The very first underwear was probably made from animal skins. Give a shout out to your ancestors with a pair of fun and sexy animal print men's underwear.