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Men's Sexy Swimwear

Why should women be the only ones who get to show off their sexy bodies? Men: If you work hard at the gym, then why not flaunt those abs with some men’s sexy swimwear? Whether you are looking to party on the beach, in the backyard pool, or at the hotel hot tub, a sizzling hot swimsuit can help make sure that all eyes are on you.

Available in a sexy array of slinky swim thongs, low-cut bikinis, brief swimsuits, square-cut boxers, board shorts, and swim trunks, men’s sexy swimwear styles are hotter than ever! Swimwear sizes include small, medium, large and extra-large, and sizes are similar to that of men’s underwear. Some customers prefer to go up one size higher than they normally wear with underwear, due to the tight fit of the swimwear. A slightly larger size can provide a roomier, looser fit, delivering greater comfort while you are wearing your swimsuit.

From mesh swimwear to micro bikinis, men’s sexy swimwear features hot designs and cool colors. They are available either lined or unlined. Popular styles of our men’s swim suits are available in a variety of fabrics such as Polyamide, Spandex, Lycra, nylon, polyester, and microfiber. From eye-catching support styling to full-covered back designs to next-to-nothing in fabric patterns, men’s sexy swimwear is so sizzling that it’s almost too hot to put on!

Here are descriptions of some of our most popular suits.

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Men’s Full Coverage Swimsuits

Midcut swimsuits, square-cut boxer swim trunks, and board shorts have a waistband falling several inches below the waist, creating a comfortable fit that shows off a finely-chiseled abdomen. Each of these swimwear styles for men provides better coverage than some of the other options, which makes them perfect for family vacations or for men who are a bit more modest. When you buy square-cut boxer swim trunks, board shorts or midcut swimsuits, you typically get wider sides, as well as longer legs, with full coverage in the front and back. If you are a little chunkier than you would like, square-cut boxer swim trunks and board shorts are a great choice.

Men’s Thong Swimsuits

Men’s thong swimsuits are sexy and hot! This style of men’s sexy swimwear feature pouch fronts, some of which offer extra support with inner liners designed with elasticized C-rings. Whether or not you are interested in creating a bulkier look, thong styles of swimwear are designed to be racy and exciting. Thongs feature full exposure for your buttocks and sides with very little coverage in the front.

While the traditional style of thong swimsuit is perhaps the most popular, the zippered thong and the sliding thong are also worth considering. The sliding thong has a pouch that includes sliders on the waistband so that you can easily adjust the fit. The zippered thong makes it easy for you to peel off and climb out. While you’re out catching some rays, why not catch some extra attention with these sexy thongs made just for you?

Men’s Bikini Swimsuits

Lots of different styles of men’s bikini swimwear are available, including super low-rise, zipper, string and mid-rise. Super low-rise styles are cut far below the waistline and are quite skimpy. With a mid-rise cut, the waistband is slightly higher, yet it still falls several inches below the waist. String bikini styles typically have full, open sides with a low rise waistline and full coverage of the backside. The front portion of a string bikini usually features a skimpy pouch that holds it all together for you.

Zipper-Front Swimwear

Whether or not they feature accent panels on the sides, low-rise waistbands, mid-cut sides, or just a tiny strand of fabric that slips up the crack of the buttocks, men’s sexy swimwear with a zipper front creates an easy in-and-out access point. This is an easy-to-wear option that is available in trunks, briefs, bikinis and thong styles.

Browse through are large selection of men’s sexy swimwear. We’re sure you’ll find a suit that is perfect for you.