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Mens Sports Underwear

The Appeal of Men's Sports Briefs

For the sporting men among us, support and comfort must take top priority on the track or field. Not only will leaving your dangly parts to dangle freely cause discomfort and negatively impact your performance, but it can also cause serious problems in the long term. For the unsupported, one grazing blow from a foul ball can cause hours of excruciating pain or, even worse, a gnarly penile fracture - an injury no man wants or deserves. For many years, the only available option for sport support was the conventional jockstrap. Comprised of an elastic waist band with an attached pouch and two elastic strips that fit snugly along your outer hips and glutes, the traditional jockstrap gets the job done in terms of package protection. If necessary, a jockstrap can be worn with a soft or hard cup to offer additional crush and blow protection.

Mens sports briefs underwear

Despite the supportive wonders of the traditional banana hammock, many men seek out alternatives when it comes to athletic support. Each man has their own reasons for seeking out alternative sport support, but most of them boil down to comfort and modesty.

The conventional jockstrap is an inherently backless undergarment, the likes of which have been known to make certain men feel less than stellar. Walking around the locker room with your posterior entirely exposed is an unappealing scenario for many and focusing too much on that discomfort can be bad for athletic performance on the field. Even on the field, jockstraps are not modest garments. In white baseball pants, for example, jockstraps are clearly visible, (the dreaded Visible Manty Lines strike again) and some men feel forced to wear their jockstraps with a pair of compression shorts or another supportive garment. Talk about overkill.

The great news for sporting gents everywhere is that jockstraps are no longer the only option for athletic support. Sports briefs are now available for modest men who want a little more coverage without sacrificing the support they need to keep playing their best.

Men's Sports Brief for a More Modest Man

Designed with the best of both worlds in mind, the sports brief is an abbreviated brief with supportive engineering built right in. Sports briefs are designed to be snug in all the right places to give your package the support it needs, on and off the field. The low-rise waist band guarantees that you will not have to deal with the embarrassment of having your skivvies ride up and show with your uniform. Additionally, most sports briefs are constructed from moisture wicking, odor absorbing fabric. The fear of getting over heated, sweaty, and smelly need no longer rule your life. Finally, the best sports briefs have a multi-layer contour pouch that gives all the support and cup carrying capabilities of a traditional jockstrap.

If you are a man who has shied away from locker room shenanigans due to modesty issues surrounding the traditional jockstrap, worry no more! You can get all the athletic support you need while also keeping your most private parts private. Sports briefs are the answer!