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Men's Swimwear


The different styles of men’s swimwear have dramatically increased. It’s no longer just the basic swim trunks or board shorts. Men across the world are finding that, men’s bikinis, mid cuts, thongs, jammer swimsuits for men, and square cuts give them a bit more personality and create a lot more options. Some of these are great for the beach, while others are more of a private viewing.

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            Wearing a bikini, jammer swimsuit, mid cut, or square cut can be a great addition for the beach. (The term jammer refers to the length and style only, it is not a brand and does not make reference to any particular brand such as the Speedo jammer swimwear, Speedo is actually the brand). With so many colors and patterns, you shouldn’t have a hard time expressing yourself. Bikinis are the most popular swimwear out there. They allow skin to be shown, but enough to make imaginations run wild. The jammer swimsuit resembles board shorts except; they’re very snug against your legs, just right above your knees. The tight fabric allows you to be slick in the water and show off your features. Want something shorter? Square cuts are similar to the jammers; they’re about a foot below your hip line. They may look like boxer briefs, but the fabric allows you to get wet and nothing to be seen. Another fine piece of swimwear is the mid cut. This style is almost identical to the square cut except one thing…mid cuts will expose every contour and curve making this style one of the hottest out there.  Wanting to look sexy for someone special or to have minimal tan lines? Thongs are definitely the way to go. They expose the butt and have little fabric in the front. Again, these come in many different colors and patterns letting you be your own individual. Try all the styles and find out who you are.